• When it comes to contracts & banking; knowledge is power and freedom.
          Demystifying Banking Terms This video is a white board, ‘college course’ type of presentation about banking terms including the three different types of banks and how banks do NOT loan money but in fact merely provide a basic service for the ‘authorized agent’ who is the true creator of money by way of his ‘authorized signature’ whenever he signs a banking instrument such as a promissory note, bill of exchange, draft, check and etcetera.
          Hidden Secrets of Money Video Series A VERY interesting and well produced educational video series about modern monetary systems.
          Here is a series of books by Thomas Schauf about what banks actually do and the many remedies that are available to all of us with the power of law knowledge-
          Volume One – Americas Hope – How To Cancel Bank Loans
          Volume Two – American Voters Versus Bankers
          Volume Three – Banker’s Secret Manual
          A Planned Trespass Against the Mind of Man. A very interesting interview that reveals and details a lot about the true nature of our commercial matrix of capitalist banking and control.
          Strawman – The nature of the cage A very well produced, high production quality, high definition feature length documentary from the UK detailing the true nature of our commercial world including our regular use of our legal entities. Such as our corporation, trust, straw man, artificial person and etcetera and how these many legal entities can be a tremendous benefit IF we learn how to properly use this powerful knowledge and legal benefits that are available to us for dealing with every day challenges such as contract law, banking, debt collectors and our honorable public servants.
          I am some dude A vast repository of very interesting documents and videos exploring the true nature of our legal existence. (Click your way through the pages to find the resources and references.)
          Video – Private & Public Trust Explained – A really good explanation about some the legal entities we use every day including something called a “legal name”.
          Video – Freedom: A complete picture – part one – A good presentation about how we use some of these legal entities and how we may grant or waive rights as we do these things such as accept a benefit or privilege versus merely exercising our inherent rights without need of somebody else’s permission. Part Two
          Usufruct study guide If you fail to comprehend the nature of a usufruct relationship then you may be fruct for a lack of knowledge.
          Usufruct Heirarchy How usufruct applies in commerce.
          Usufruct Diagram How usufruct applies in daily life.
          Commercial Matrix An interesting diagram of commercial and political control through a matrix of banking and governments.
          The Greatest Story Never Told
          The UCC remedy of HJR-192
          The Law at Cornell University — The current version of HJR-192 in United States Code (TITLE 31 > SUBTITLE IV > CHAPTER 51 > SUBCHAPTER II > SECTION 5118) Which says how public policy cannot demand payment of any particular United States coin or currency on any obligations after October 27, 1977 AND how the Government may NOT pay out Gold coin but can still accept your gold coin in exchange for a non-redeemable piece of credit paper called a “Federal Reserve Note”. Yes folks, it’s true! If you immediately turn around and try to redeem the Federal Reserve Note for your gold coin back, they will NOT do it! Which does appear to be in direct violation of United States Code Title 12 Section 411 regarding the Obligation of the United States to redeem federal reserve promissory notes for Lawful money.
          See: 12 USC 411 – Obligation of United States and: Defintion of “bank note”
          And, lets not forget, what lawful money actualy is- Defintion of “lawful money”
          Modern Money Mechanics by the Chicago Federal Reserve — This is basically the “user’s manual” for the bank. It explains how it (bank) uses your property (Your signature) to “create” money out of thin air. (See: “how banks create money”) Of course they do not reimburse you for the use of your property unless you know how to claim it. When you use their private script (Federal Reserve Notes) they assume you are a merchant and understand how merchant law operates and that you actually read and do comprehend this manual. Yes folks, it’s true! You DO have a CHOICE! Can you guess who is more afraid of the IRS? Would it be a private Man? Or a commercial bank using that private Man’s property to make a profit? Would you believe I consider the IRS to be my accounting ally? 🙂
          US Code Title 12 Section 95(a) – How banking works within military occupation, national security and trading with the enemy act.
          The Walker Todd affidavit (in PDF format). — Walker F. Todd is a banking expert (for hire) who spent 20+ years working for the Federal Reserve and his affidavit of truth (court testimony) explains how banks create money out of thin air then expect repayment in hard labor. Have you ever signed a promissory note? Then you SHOULD read (and comprehend) Walker’s testimony!
          Video: FIAT EMPIRE– Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution
          Video Interview– How the Federal Reserve operates by G. Edward Griffin (Author of: Creature from Jykell Island – A second look at the federal reserve).
          Book link– Creature from Jekyll island
          Book link– Gilbert Law Summaries: Contracts
          Book link– Gilbert Law Summaries: Trusts
          Mastery Of Universal Legal Technology– A style manual for “A New School of Jurisprudence that Counters the Fictional Methodologies of the Legal and Governmental Industries Today, by Using the Objective Interpretation Procedures.” This is basically a mathematical method to ensure and prove when a written or spoken phrase is “true” or “false” that can be applied in ALL languages. Also known as “Quantum Language”.It does appear that Contract law, and especially Trust Law, is superior in a capitalist world and banking system where the currency has printed directly on its face “in God we TRUST”. . . Without trust; there cannot be any commerce. And; wouldn’t you know it? The book on trusts is actually one of the smallest, easiest to understand, books in the Gilbert Law Summaries series. And of course, how we use our language is CRITICAL in this context therefore a good study of a language “style manual” such as the Mastery Of Universal Legal Technology can be very beneficial and powerful knowledge in ALL law forms including contract and trust law.
        • How Government operates:
          United States Law — This is “step one” to learn and comprehend that in FACT and in this law pertaining to the United States Legal System, “United States” is defined as a “Federal CORPORATION”. (see USC Title 28, Section 3002, Paragraph 15.) Therefore all is COMMERCIAL and PERSONS and CITIZENS are “legal entity” CORPORATIONS or mere SUBSIDIARIES of the parent CORPORATION known as “United States”.
          Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars — How bankers operate governments. (This is the original crude photocopy of the document.)
          Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars – Easier to read, better formatted version of the same document.
          Video Reading of Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
          Instructions for the government of armies – A government document.
          law of land warfare – Another government document.
          Cooperative Federalism – Is about how national, state, and local governments interact cooperatively and collectively to solve common problems, rather than making policies separately as we expect them to do within the restrictions of their own jurisdictions.
          A comprehensive list of the major differences between the united states country and the federal corporation known AS ‘United States”-
          USA versus uSofA
          An interesting video about how a ‘call to action‘ is often ‘advertised‘ by way of a very well known advertising strategy known as the “Problem Reaction Solution Scenario in which it is first brought to our attention some kind of problem that did not exist in our reality until we are told it exists such as: 1. Problem: “Your trash is to big!” 2. Reaction: “Oh no! What should I do this terrible problem I just discovered?!?”. 3. Solution: “Buy our expensive trash compactor complete with energy usage, maintenance, repairs and expensive refills of proprietary deodorizers and compactor bags.
          The Problem, Reaction, Solution Scenario: Diocletian’s Theory Explained
          Which of course brings to mind: Was there ever really a ‘problem’?!? Have you ever actually met a ‘terrorist’ or reviewed ALL the things you are supposed to be watching for according to the advertiser such as the FBI? See: FBI brochures
          Is there a strategy of economic enslavement at play here?
          The story of your enslavement
          Human farming
        • And here are some other interesting information sites-
          The Americans Bulletin
          Nesara News Blog
          Information Wars
          Freedom to Fascism Is an interesting documentary about the IRS and Federal Reserve. Although it fails to explain how the IRS can actually be our friend IF we know how to be its friend and utilize its beneficial forms such as a 1099OID.
          How you become liable for taxes Is an interesting web based quiz that reveals certain very interesting things about Internal Revenue Code that most people are unaware of.
          Empire of the city A very long documentary detailing how the City of London + City of Vatican + City of columbia are the 3 independant states within states which composes the empire of the city. The first is financial control over economy, the second is religious control, then the third is military control.
          Scientific Investigations of 9/11 A non-profit web site developed by the architects & engineers who design and erect high rise buildings. And who are now seriously questioning the ‘official’ (NIST) conspiracy theory which claims two aircraft brought down three buildings in perfect, symmetrical “Classic Demolition” collapses into their own footprints.
        • Commercial Remedies:
          Understand Contract Law and You Win (A really good resource for banking and contract knowledge)
          Order of Merchants (A more advanced approach to commercial remedies.)
          Solutions In Commerce — Winston’s introductory materials are a great place to start.
          Freedom Club USA — Administrative Remedies for a price and an over-all great resource for information.NOTICE: You should ALWAYS remember one thing about new information and truth: Knowledge is a powerfull tool and, just like any other tool, when used improperly; may result serious injury or death… For most people: “Ignorance is bliss”. (That is UNTIL they discover they were ignorant about some thing resulting in the destruction of their bliss… OR; their ignorance is actually another man’s bliss and advantageous power over them. . .)
        • Health and Healing Documentaries and Resources:
          The Game Changers – A 2018 documentary detailing how world record breaking athletes are now changing the rules of the game by way of proper nutrition.
          What the health – A 2017 documentary about just how dangerous an animal based diet actually is. Did you know the world organization has classified processed meat as a “class 1” carcinogen? This is the SAME cancer risk as asbestos, tobacco, plutonium and other carcinogens…
          Food Choices – A 2016 documentary about our power to build a super immune system so bacteria, viruses, parasites, cancers or other health concerns are no longer a concern.
          Forks Over Knives – An older but very in-depth documentary detailing the world’s largest, longest dual lifetime scientific study of nutritional effects on health.
          Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead – A documentary detailing one man’s journey to health and healing by way of micro-nutrient foods.
          The China Study – A free copy of the peer reviewed science.
          Excitotoxins – the taste that kills – A very interesting educational video presentation from Dr. Blaylock of the science demonstrating the mechanisms of neurological damages caused by a certain class of ‘food’ called “excitotoxins”. These glutamates are found in many different types of processed food such as cooked meat and BTW; the World Health Organization recently classified “processed meats” as a Class 1 Carcinogen right along with other known cancer causing substances such as Tobacco, Asbestos and Plutonium and “red meat” is now classified as a Class 2 Carcinogen.
          World Health Organization processed meat classification – Q&A on the carcinogenicity of the consumption of red meat and processed meat.
          Cancer Research UK – Processed meat and cancer what you need to know
          A few of the good scientists, researchers and doctors-
          Dr. Fuhrman
          Dr. McDougal
          Dr. Esselstyn
          Dr. Barnard
          Dr. Campbell
          Dr. Greger
          Dr. Blaylock
          Dr. Popper
          Dr. Wahls
          Nutrition Facts – A huge wealth of modern nutritional information, health and healing.
 – A comprehensive presentation exploring whether or not a human actually is an omnivore.
          Root Cause Is a VERY revealing documentary about a dirty little secret the dental industry doesn’t want us to know about and how some types of dental procedures may have very profound effects on health even decades later. There is no other approved medical procedure in which the dead, infected tissue is to be left in the body like the dental industry does do.
          If you have ever had a tooth extracted or a root canal done then; you may want to carefully consider whether or not that procedure was done correctly to avoid other complications that can manifest in other parts of the body later on. Root Cause Movie Trailer  Root Cause Movie
          And these videos are all related in terms of the body being a bio-electrical-chemical system-
          Dr. Jerry Tennant: Healing is Voltage
          Eileen McKusick: Human Bioelectricity
          Dr. Jerry Tennant: Healing the Body’s Electrical Circuitry
          Dr. Jerry Tennant: Recharge Your Battery and Heal
        • Our Mother Earth news:
          Cowspiracy – The sustainability project. In terms of ALL the water used to raise beef including growing the crops, machinery, wash-down and water for the actual cow, this comes to about 2,640 gallons of water to raise just one pound of beef. That’s right folks! In terms of the actual WEIGHT of water compared to the WEIGHT of beef, you are consuming about 21,120 pounds of water for every pound of beef you consume or waste…
          Earth Changes Media
          Science Of Cycles
          Earth Changes
          Geo Engineering
          The coast to coast am radio show Used to be my favorite radio program before Art Bell left, corporatism took over, and even John B. Wells was fired for bringing to much truth.
          Article – John B. Wells fired for being to popular and truthful.
        • Alternative energy systems:
          Hy IQ Is a small group of researchers studying and experimenting with partnered coils and resonant systems.
          MAGRAV Power Systems
          Marko Rodin’s Vortex Math Site
          Alternative Energy Science Forum
          A practical guide to free energy devices This huge reference book is known to have a lot of errors and omissions that tend to misdirect us away from functional systems but is still an interesting reference of all the different types of systems out there.
          Pure Energy Systems Network
          Another Alternative Energy Forum
          How to build a magnet powered motor
          Free energy information (Web version of the practical guide)
          Peer reviewed Science – Cambridge & MIT prove additional energy from water.
          Plasma Physics Video Physicist Dr. Moray King’s presentation at the 2012 Global Breakthrough Energy Movement (GBEM) conference.
          Plasma Ignition Video – A practical application of plasma physics to increase thermal efficiency of a 1977 Datsun pickup.
          TED talk Video – Randy Powell’s presentation at TEDx Charlotte regarding vortex physics and mathematics.
          Tesla Tech – A really good Nikola Tesla Technology site.
          REX Research – Another huge wealth of archived information.
          The Primer Fields Part One  Part Two  Part Three What I consider to be one of MOST important videos about plasma physics and magnetic vortexes.
          Rick Friedrich  Rick Friedrich’s youtube channel. I consider Rick to be one the best and very knowledgeable proponents teaching us about alternative energy systems including partnered coils and resonant systems as well as offering DIY kits on his web site 
        • My favorite art archives containing huge collections of freely accessible art from talented artists all around the planet:
          Deviant Art
          VCL archive
          NOTICE: Some of the art at some of these sites is adult oriented and may require an adult account to access it.

      NOTICE: Most links or information are independent of this site and I am not liable for content or property beyond my control.