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In reality; we really only have two main choices for news and information-

1. Corporate Sponsored Mass Media including the major internet search engines; “fact check” web sites and a very popular infomercial called “news” which regularly engages in a well known marketing tactic called the “Problem, Reaction Solution scenario” for the benefit of the sponsors who pay for the news such as the Rockefeller-Gates medical industry monopoly.

2. User Sponsored Independent Journalism Investigative Reporting such as these few examples.
Some of these alternative news sources do offer their own telegram channel and the telegram links are provided so; you may want to install the telegram application then add the channel for the latest news and information as it becomes available.
In many cases; there is actually a lot more of the latest news and information on their telegram channels than there is on their web sites.

Want Covid to end not become an endless Virus Mania? See: The End Of Covid

Understand what actually happened the last 3 years with this archive of hundreds of interviews and documentaries.
See: The End of Covid Program Guide

Also see lawful affidavits and exhibits relevant to the crimes against humanity here: Stand Firm Now

The Great Barrington Declaration – “As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies, and recommend an approach we call Focused Protection.” (The number of signatories is over 925,000 doctors and scientists and growing.)
A news blog that pokes fun at all the virologists who are blatantly committing fraud with their statements, papers and pseudoscience experiments. Many of them have no idea what it is and are just going through the motions as they were trained to do by the Rockefeller/Gates/Fauci pharmaceutical industrial complex cult of the medical monopoly. They have absolutely no clue what they are doing and keep referring to their results as being correct based on other results that never actually proved the existence of anything. Is all fairy tales and unicorns of computer models based on assumptions and presumptions. 🤣

Veterans Today Uncensored
(A compilation of news stories and sources censored by the deep state.)

International Crimes Investigative Committee
“It’s time we demand our elected state officials appoint special prosecutors to investigate criminal behavior by our elected and appointed officials.” -Dr. David Martin
(alternatives to the Rockefeller/Gates/Fauci pharmaceutical industrial complex) Is a very comprehensive open source compilation of data about the covid crimes against humanity. It is updated daily and does have a VERY interesting “timeline” mapped out showing us what has been going on beginning back in 2002 and leading up to the present time. Includes videos, graphics, references, documents, lots of flow charts et cetera. is a huge reference archive all about the medical industrial complex including this very interesting section: Allopathic Medicine and Big Pharma

Tom Woods
(Includes some very interesting pages such as “death by lockdown” and “the covid cult”.)
The Covid Cult

Tom Woods Ebook: “All your facebook friends are wrong about the lockdown”
(Tracking collateral damages caused in the name of “saving lives”.)

I can decide
(Informed Consent Network – Full Disclosure of Facts, Evidence and Law)


In This Together

Just The News

Real America’s Voice

Press For Truth

Doctor Andrew Kaufman