Privacy Notice

I, Rodney Brian Graff (natural person), reserve all my rights and liberties including right to private contract.This inherent right to privacy and private contract also extends to any other private party who also reserves and exercises said right to private contract with me.

Private contracts are exactly what they are. They are private and not anybody else’s business including third parties, other businesses, the public at large or any related public agency such as a government, city, corporation, military, police, legislative, executive, judicial and etcetera.

I do not maintain any electronic database or hard copy records of any private information for any term longer than required to perform a private contract obligation. At which point any client information including names, addresses, phone numbers and etcetera are all destroyed. And warranty claim documents are the responsibility of the client who must present the original contract (invoice) to make a warranty claim per generally accepted commercial policy.

Also; I see no evidence or record of any public law requiring private parties to maintain private records of their private affairs for public scrutiny and I believe no such evidence or record exists.


This web site contains links to other sites. I am not responsible or liable for the content or privacy practices of other sites.