Public Notices

These are my Public Notices of UCC-1 financing statements with regards to my legal status, standing and agency in this commercial matrix including the US Vessel-Transmitting Utility that bears the same name as I, the Living Man as well as the Trust that has been created for the Beneficiary.

These documents are a matter of public records on file at the Secretary of State for Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming as well as the Secretary of Treasury for Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia (federal corporation known as “United States”) as well as public records keeping at the Enterprise Computing Center-Martinsburg in Kearneysville West Virginia.

UCC-1 US Vessel Bond

UCC-1 Bailor Trust

This is my public notice regarding legal status, standing and agency.
It is kind of old and needs to be updated to include the aspects of the above public records but is still relevant and has never been legally rebutted.
Not sure if anybody would actually want to rebut it because if they did then; they would legally prove that the federal corporation owns, controls and trades in human slaves so; I am pretty sure that nobody really want to rebut this legal affidavit. 🙂

Public Notice

Any claims against the Certificated US vessel and trust known as “RODNEY BRIAN GRAFF” shall be directed to the secretary of the Treasury, FBI, US Marshal, BIS, or Unidriot depending on nature of claim.