When it comes to news and information in these very strange, “new normal” times; we have choices and knowledge is power.
Or, in other words: “Forewarned is Forearmed” and to NOT just blindly believe in the corporate sponsored infomercial called “news” and out of EVERYTHING on this page; I do believe these very first videos are the most important issues regarding how the allopathic medical industry monopoly was created and how the real science of biology actually debunks Louis Pasteur’s fraudulent germ theory which places this subject into a whole new and very revealing light so, once again; forewarned is forearmed. 😎

You may learn some very new and cutting edge information about medicine, the theories of disease and the real sciences involved and also about the blatant pseudoscience fraud now being forced upon the world in the name of “saving lives”.

Want Covid to end not become an endless Virus Mania? See: The End Of Covid

This first video is Doctor David Martin detailing how to follow the money and the patents for the bio-weapons now being used in these massive Crimes Against Humanity.
Also see his Presenation Documents including this list of Covid Orchestrators Also see Dr. Martin’s other presentation HERE. Local Copy HERE. And also his speech about the mass murder of children HERE. And of course: The Fauci Dossier and Proposed Criminal Complaint Also: On 2/12/22 Dr. Martin got into even more details about the illegally patented bioweapons now being used for massive crimes against humanity HERE. Also see: Dr. David Martin: We Are Allowing Human Organisms To Become Bioweapon Factories and of course: Dr. David Martin Detailing Crimes by Many Governors

Dr. David Martin: Bio-Terrorism Crimes Against Humanity

Nobel prize winning inventor of PCR technology Kary Mullis detailing how the technology has been and is being used fraudulently. Also see: The PCR Hustle

Inventor of PCR details long history of Fauci Fraud

Dr. Bryon Ardis speaking for the German Corona Investigative Committee details how the CDC Protocol is Killing Patients and provides information for the correct remedy cure and how to force the hospital to NOT kill the patient by using the Anthony Fauci mandated CDC protocol involving very toxic Rockefeller/Gates/Fauci pharmaceutical industrial complex products: Remdesivir, Dexamethasone and Vancomycin which are known to cause acute renal failure and pulmonary edema. Also see: Hospitals murdering COVID-19 patients by forcing them to take deadly drugs like remdesivir and midazolam. And: More recent Interview with Doctor Ardis including his references to this NIH Document SOURCE Detailing how remdesivir is known to be toxic to the liver and kidneys AND also how ivermectin actually is listed as one of approved medications for the covid-19 syndrome of symptoms involving a lengthy list of climical trials as listed HERE.  And of course; how CMS is actually BRIBING doctors and hospitals to use Remdesivir instead of ivermectin by way of these CMS billing codes and charts. SOURCE
Pretty much all ‘covid deaths’ take place in the hospital and not in the home. So; just let THAT sink in as you watch this life saving video . . 😏 Or, at least; this: Dr. Ardis Statement in a Nutshell. And, most importantly; might be a good idea to download these powerful reference documents from Dr. Ardis in case you or a loved one find themselves in a similar situation in which the hospital is refusing to provide the needed treatment and/or kill the patient with highly toxic cancer drugs such as remdesivir. Also see the 1/27/22 episode of the Dr. Ardis show with attorney Clare Wills-Harrison HERE. Plus his  2/13/22 Testimony for the Common Law Grand Jury investigation and documentation of Fauci Crimes HERE and more details about the Grand Jury investigations are HERE.

How the CDC protocol is killing patients

International Class Action Lawsuit – Attorney Doctor Reiner Fuellmich of the German Corona Investigative Committee has just (9/15/21) released a new update detailing his legal summary of findings for the increasing scope of Crimes Against Humanity including massive PCR fraud, pharmaceutical fraud, virology fraud, fraud on contract, human rights violations, commercial injury damages, destruction of world economies, pain and suffering and a conservative estimate that over 500,000 have already died as a direct result of various experimental gene therapies misrepresented and labeled as ‘vaccine’ being distributed by the Rockefeller/Gates/Fauci pharmaceutical industrial complex rising to the levels of Mass Genocide for the purposes of Population Reduction.
Also see this video: Lawyer outlines criminal charges against the medical establishment (source video) And this Criminal Complaint Form or Backup Local Copy And also see his more recent summary for the Big Reset Movie

Attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich Summaray Of Findings

The World Doctors Alliance (basic page) Telegram Channel (daily news & information) recently revealed this very interesting video compilation about virology fraud.

The Emperor Has No Corona

This is a short, “readers digest” version explaining the virology fraud in layman’s terms.

Virology Fraud Explained

This is an in-depth documentary detailing wide spread virology fraud in specific, scientific terms complete with doctors and scientists providing first hand testimony-

Virology Debunks Corona

This is a follow-up documentary detailing more about the virology fraud and the two competing theories of disease including chemist Louis Pasteur’s known pseudoscience fraud versus biologist Professor Antoine Bechamp’s proven science.

Germs Debunk Corona

This older historical documentary details how oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller dismantled our original holistic medical industry based in natural medicine and created his own standardized “licensed” (monopolized) allopathic medical industry based in petroleum pharmaceuticals for the benefit of his petroleum industry all based on Pasteur’s fraudulent germ theory which is the foundation for Rockefeller’s monopolized, licensed form of medicine that wages war against symptoms instead of curing disease by eliminating the cause of disease. Which, for the most part; is caused by toxemia, not germs and of course; there is no ‘vaccination’ for toxemia.

Hippocratic Hypocrisy

View short clip about how Rockefeller Medicine Founded Modern Medicine, Killed Natural Cures and Caused an Epidemic of Cancer.
See: UK government office for science admits no proof of isolated covid-19 virus
Read: Why you cannot actually “catch a virus” Exposing the 200 year old scam and of course: The Contagion Myth

Another really important disclosure of the facts, evidence and law in virology is this recent interview with scientist Dr. Stefan Lanka who is well known for proving there is no “measles virus” including wining a supreme court case in that regards so; the fact that no measles virus exists is now a matter of legal and lawfully ratified public record in the European Union.
See: Doctor Lanka Interview And: Virologists Are Fraudsters By: Dr. Stefan Lanka

The TRUTH about virology fraud is out there. 😎

One way to find the truth is simply a matter of asking the right questions at the right agencies such as detailed on these two recent web pages regarding the answers to some FOIA requests. 😏

covid not isolated cannot be located does not exist foia response reveals worldwide hoax

FOIA request responses on covid 2

And finally; we have the “Doctrine of Informed Consent” law video.

You may be a victim of a very serious crime if there was no proper informed consent procedure per the “Doctrine of Informed Consent” LAW applicable in most jurisdictions including US, Mexico and Canada.

These truths do save lives therefore; this video about the truth of the medical doctrine of informed consent laws should be shared with all our friends, family and coworkers.

This is necessary because:
Main Stream Media (MSM – a profit & political driven corporate product) is NOT educating any of us about ANY of these lawful and legal FACTS relevant to saving lives and in many cases; the MSM agencies and their agents are actually committing crimes against humanity resulting in the loss of MANY lives by way of their fake news disinformation campaigns for the benefit of their globalist profit and/or political agenda. 😡

The Doctrine of Informed Consent Law

Is VERY disgusting how the corporation driven to sell its product skews the numbers to make its product APPEAR to be “95% effective” when in fact; it’s actually less than 1% effective which is well within the margin of testing ERROR… Also see: How to Lie with Statistics

And then; there is the “Great Reset” agenda by the World Economic Forum and many other associated agencies that have all been planning, for decades, what we are now experiencing. . .
https://greatestresetmovie.comI am not angry. It’s just a perpetual state of controlled rage.
Also see: The Great Reset In Five Minutes And:

Over 3,000 Doctors and Scientists Sign Declaration Accusing COVID Policy-Makers of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’


International Criminal Court Petition for Investigation and Prosecution of Those Individuals Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity may be signed HERE

These are nothing more than snake oil salesmen selling their totally ineffective and potentially lethal products to those who fail to comprehend what is really going on here. 😠

Dr. Ryan Cole Testimony About Vaccine Spike Protien Damages at Doctors White Coat Summit

Video: Microscopy reveals vaccinated blood disorder: Rouleaux Formations

Nobel laureate warns covid vaccine creating variants

Imagine that!
When the hypnotic mass media narrative is: “the vaccine is safe and effective” then; that IS FAKE NEWS!
Because: 1. Is actually an experimental gene therapy labeled “vaccine“. 2. Many thousands of “breakthrough cases“. 3. Many thousands are already injured or dead.

Therefore; it may be time to consider alternatives to reveal the TRUTH for our enlightenment. 😎

It appears this has to be the biggest, most earth shaking headline news story in the world so this topic gets top billing above the alternative news section-

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