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Please take the time to write a review which is very important for maintaining my high, 5 star customer service standards.

These reviews are critical for maintaining my high standard of customer service so if there are any suggestions, comments or even complaints; please author them here so I may continue to improve my standards. πŸ™‚

Things to consider when reviewing a service company-

-Did the technician arrive as scheduled or contact the client in case of an unforeseen delay?

-Did the company provide personal services including answering all your questions and explain what is being performed?

-Did the service technician appear in a professional manner with a proper uniform and professional tools and equipment ready for the job?

-Did the technician work efficiently to complete the job as soon as possible?

-Did the company have the needed parts in stock or able to deliver non-stock parts (ordered from the factory) in a reasonable amount of time?

-Did the technician leave a mess that he could have reasonably cleaned up after work performed?

-Did the company provide all necessary paperwork and instructions as job was completed?

-Did the technician provide a specific cost quote and obtain authorization from the client before performing any work?

-Did the technician notify the client if any changes are needed (upon discovery of new issue) and obtain new authorization before performing any additional work?

-Does the company settle all concerns or controversies when you properly notify the company of your concern or controversy?

If there actually is a concern, controversy or complaint then; be advised I am here to serve you but; you must actually communicate with me so I may settle the issue. πŸ™‚
Negative reviews in which the client fails to contact customer service with an opportunity to serve and solve the problem because they just want to cry, whine, blame and complain in an uncivilized manner without any desire to solve the problem will not be submitted here.

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 145 reviews

City: Watkins

Rod arrived at the time specified. My dryer was making a racket, and he was able to determine the cause could be one of two things.He gave us a quote for both. Rod was able to fix the dryer quickly at a very affordable price and a warranty. Great service!

by Mark Harris on Rod’s Appliance Service
Highly Recommend
City: Strasburg

Very impressed. Repaired my LG front load washer and did an excellent job. diagnosed the problem in a matter of minutes and once the part was in hand, repaired it just as quickly. As is my luck; the part that went out RARELY goes out on these washers so the part had to be ordered from LG as no appliance parts stores keep it in stock so the wait was expected to be about 3 weeks. Rod was able to locate one locally and had me up and running in about 10 days. GREAT prices, 2-year warranty on all work, would DEFINITELY recommend to everyone

by Doug Ogrin on Rod’s Appliance Service
Experienced & equipped expert
City: Westminster

Rod came fully equipped for the job, organized and knowledgeable.

by David Quintana on Rod’s Appliance Service
City: aurora

Rod showed up at the time he said and listened to what I was saying about the washing machine, explained what he was checking for, found what the problem was and what the options were. he even suggested that if it were his that he would probably not put that much money into such an old machine, which I agreed. he gave me 30 days to change my mind if I wanted to and would not charge me another trip charge. very professional very polite and will not hesitate to call him back on any other appliance. I have a problem with.

Rod’s Appliance Repair
City: Bennett

Rod was prompt, professional & very friendly-he diagnosed my washers problem quickly-excellent technician & I highly recommend!

by Janie Person on Rod’s Appliance Service
City: Watkins

Rod is prompt and through and comes when he says he will. He has serviced appliances in our personal home as well as our rental properties. We are very pleased with his professionalism.

by Nancy Wenlock on Rod’s Appliance Service
Excellent and Professional
City: Byers

Our washer started leaking yesterday and after examining it and seeing that it was NOT a hose issue, I knew who to call. Rod was out at our house this morning, arriving well within his estimated time, and diagnosed the problem and had it fixed promptly. What a relief! He was also able to fix the hinge on the fridge while he was here so that it would open and shut properly. This is the 3rd time in a few years that Rod’s Appliance Service has been called to our place for various appliance problems. Rod is always friendly, courteous and professional. Highly recommended!

by JIM DOTTAVIO on Rod’s Appliance Service


Great Customer Service
City: Strasburg

A couple weeks ago Rod replaced a water valve in my washer because it was slowly filling with water when I was not using it. After the repair I washed about 10 loads then a new problem showed up with the washer not draining. Rod came back out and he discovered about 4 pounds of coins and other junk in pump and he cleaned all this stuff out at no additional charge as a ‘customer courtesy’ so now the washer is working fine again. :)

Same day service
City: Deer Trail

I called Rod this morning and he arrived at 12:30 for an appointment scheduled between 12-2. He actually had the spark module for my stove in stock and completed the repair immediately for about $40 below 2014 book price.

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