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Things to consider when reviewing a service company-

-Did the technician arrive as scheduled or contact the client in case of an unforeseen delay?

-Did the company provide personal services including answering all your questions and explain what is being performed?

-Did the service technician appear in a professional manner with a proper uniform and professional tools and equipment ready for the job?

-Did the technician work efficiently to complete the job as soon as possible?

-Did the company have the needed parts in stock or able to deliver non-stock parts (ordered from the factory) in a reasonable amount of time?

-Did the technician leave a mess that he could have reasonably cleaned up after work performed?

-Did the company provide all necessary paperwork and instructions as job was completed?

-Did the technician provide a specific cost quote and obtain authorization from the client before performing any work?

-Did the technician notify the client if any changes are needed (upon discovery of new issue) and obtain new authorization before performing any additional work?

-Does the company settle all concerns or controversies when you properly notify the company of your concern or controversy?

If there actually is a concern, controversy or complaint then; be advised I am here to serve you but; you must actually communicate with me so I may settle the issue. πŸ™‚

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My contract does include a low price assurance and customer satisfaction guaranty therefore; a client who fails to take advantage of my Contract Obligation just because they want to defame a company is, of course; in breach of contract.

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 208 reviews

City: Bennett

I called Rod on a Sunday about my front loading washer and dryer not being level amd shaking the whole house. To my surprise he was taking cals on a Sunday and was able to book me for Monday. He gave me my time frame and was her at the beginning of the window he gave. He was very upfront with his cost and how he handles his service calls so there was no guessing or questions on my part before he arrived and after he left. My washer is running quietly now and I would DEFINITELY reccomend Rod to anyone in the area! We will surely be using him for any other problems we have with our appliances!

City: bennett

rod came out for my washer and found the problem right away he was very professional and knowledge able HIGHLY recommend him

City: bennett

rod came out for my washer not working he found the problem and told me what was wrong very professional washer not worth fixing HIGHLY recommend his service

Rod’s performance
City: Bennett

Of course my dryer stopped working 12/25/19. I called Rod the next day and he came out on Friday and got me up and running. It sure beat having to buy a new dryer.

by Aspen Grove Assisted Living on Rod’s Appliance Service
Friendly Fast Fair Local Service
City: Byers

The folks at Aspen Grove Assisted Living will be hiring Rodney again for any and all appliance services. Rodney is very professional and fair priced!

by Jim Farris on Rod’s Appliance Service
Great Service
City: Strasburg

Rod made it out in in one day to fix our dryer in spite of a major snow storm. Diagnosed the problem and had the part to fix it on the truck. In and out in about 30-45 min. Price was fair and blow the average for repairs.We have used him before to fix large appliances and he is always prompt and professional. He is both friendly and up front about every detail. He goes over your receipt line by line, and terms of warranty, ensuring you understand every item. Great service and is on my speed dial!

Whirlpool Refrigerator Help
City: Denver

Rod was a big help to me when my Whirlpool refrigerator quit working. He helped diagnose the most likely issue and I was able to purchase the part and fix it myself. He had great appliance knowledge and is very helpful. I am keeping his number handy in case another appliance has problems.

Washing Machine
City: Bennett

Rodney was very informative and trust worthy. Totally felt like he was completely honest with me. Very knowledgeable. I will use him for all appliance work needed from now on.

City: Strasburg

knowledgeable, efficient, fast friendly service & extremely fair pricing on parts & service.

City: Aurora

I have a multiple year history of using Rod’s Appliance Service. I have called Rodney to repair various appliances both at our house and for a couple of rentals. These included washers, dryers, and refrigerators. Rodney has always been professional, informative, reasonably priced, and honest. He will give advice on what to do & not do to help your appliance last longer and/or work more effectively. He’ll even give you ideas to try over the phone to preclude him coming out for a trip charge. While working on an appliance, he’s happy to give a running commentary on what the possible issues are, along with what & how he’s fixing it. He will give honest advice on whether to just buy a ‘new’ appliance vs having him come back out in the future to continuously repair one – based on either a one time or recurring cost comparison. I have personally recommended him several times to family & friends. I will continue to use Rod’s Appliance Repair in the future & highly recommend him.

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