Hello; they call me Rodney Graff and I am the highly experienced technician and provider of these in-home services established in 1995 after I had worked for many years at other companies.

Welcome to my Headquarters and Office where the primary mode of communications is not an email, text message or tweet but is in fact a PERSONAL one on one phone call at: 303-809-4229.

My goal is to provide the best service possible and remain an honest contractor well aware of your appliance service needs.

My technical experience includes but is not limited to: Aircraft, Vehicles, Agricultural equipment, Forklifts & Trucks, Hydraulic systems, Construction Equipment, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Small appliances, Electronics, Computers and Major Appliances.

I use my technical skills to the best of my ability and remain up to date on the latest technology, diagnostics and repair procedures.

I strive to provide excellent service, maintain a well-stocked van and I am here to help.

I am polite and professional in your home and I arrive on time as scheduled or call as soon as possible if there is an unforeseen problem with scheduling.

I use exact replacement parts as much as possible and I double-check my work as well as provide follow-up calls and warranty work as needed.

I maintain good communication skills, provide exact quotes and answer your questions before any work is performed.

I can diagnose and service most makes, models, types and vintages of major kitchen and laundry appliances including:


My 30+ years of experience includes most brands of domestic major appliances.


Rod. Owner and Service Technician with over 30 years experience.