Client Satisfaction

It has been my personal experience that I can never satisfy 100% of the people 100% of the time therefore I do maintain a client satisfaction guarantee because there always will be the occasional client who simply cannot be satisfied regardless of how well I perform to the best of my abilities.

So yes indeed; the client shall be 100% satisfied before I collect any consideration (payment) or return the consideration if the client can never be satisfied with my performance per their own expectations. πŸ™‚

Of course there always is the exception to the rule such as a third party who is not even a party to the contract in the form a competitor who apparently decided to have a problem instead of just minding his own business…

In late 2016 I received a very strange, rude, vulgar, condescending and even threatening phone message issued NOT from an ex client but actually from another appliance service company that had apparently talked to somebody on the phone appearing in the capacity of a cry baby ‘victim’ who just wants to complain and defame others, never solve their problem and just spread rumors and false accusations in blatant dishonor and violation of our customer satisfaction agreement including my policy to either solve their problem or issue a full refund upon proof of their claim.

So, once again; this just goes to prove I can never satisfy 100% of the people 100% of the time including those who are not even a party to the contract! πŸ™„

BTW: In order for me to actually follow through and settle a client satisfaction claim then, of course; the client MUST actually NOTIFY ME that an issue exists and not just appear as that person who just wants to cry, complain and defame in other places without any desire to actually solve their problem such as: Get a refund upon proof of their claim. πŸ™‚