Client Satisfaction

It has been my personal experience that I can never satisfy 100% of the people 100% of the time therefore; is wise to maintain a client satisfaction guarantee because there always will be the occasional client who simply cannot be satisfied regardless of how well I perform to the best of my abilities.

So yes indeed; the client shall be 100% satisfied before I collect any consideration (payment) or return the consideration if the client cannot be satisfied with my performance to the best of my abilities. πŸ™‚

The fact is the BBB has ZERO complaints about me or my private contracts since it began records in 2002. That’s right folks! I have performed on numerous contract obligations before and since 2002 and have ZERO BBB complaints.πŸ™‚

Of course there always it the exception to the rule when they come out of the woodwork such as a third party who is not even a party to the contract in the form a competitor who apparently decided to have a problem and not mind his own business and actually threaten mine-

In late 2016 I received a very strange, rude, vulgar, condescending and even threatening phone message issued NOT from an ex client but actually from another appliance service company that had apparently talked to somebody on the phone appearing in the capacity of ‘victim’ or ‘disgruntled client’. And unbeknownst to me; this other person was apparently talking behind my back and spreading false rumors and issuing false accusations in blatant dishonor and violation of her own agreement to be satisfied with a full refund.

So; this just goes to prove once again I can never satisfy 100% of the people 100% of the time.

And apparently this other appliance service company maintains a business practice of uncivilized, rude and foul language including condescending and derogatory statements and also a very serious threat along the lines of ‘I will do everything in my power to shut you down or run your company out of this area’

And so it appears this other service company person allegedly heard one side of the story from ex client(s) appearing as ‘victim’. And rather than investigate the other side of the story, he has now appeared in the capacity of a very emotional & belligerent child who declares war on other well established, reputable 5 star businesses as if this is his own duty or personal crusade versus minding his own business as an honorable and respectable business man normally does.

So I am sorry to inform you that yes indeed; there still are many very rude and unscrupulous business persons appearing in the appliance service industry who will go as far as spreading rumors and even issuing serious threats against another business rather than simply mind their own business in a civil, professional manner.

So; please be well aware these other companies still exist.

Including companies I am personally aware of that actually DO have a LOT of BBB complaints over many years yet these companies remain in business and I have personally cleaned up a few of their messes including poor services and high prices as well as both commercial and physical damages and numerous unsatisfied clients left behind in their path.

Oh well. *shrugs* These rude businesses or personnel who fail to mind their own business in an honorable and respectable manner actually make my own private business look that much better in comparison as I continue maintaining my own high standards of client service, satisfaction, competitive pricing, honesty, honor and respect. πŸ™‚

And it all certainly does encourage me to perform even better in the future including recent upgrades and additions to this site as well as improvements to current advertising and of course improvements to my excellent 5 star customer service I am already providing and have been providing since about 1995 or even far longer if we include my years working for other companies since 1979.

And Now; you know the REST of the story. πŸ™‚