Frequently asked questions

Q: Does Rod’s private contracting make repairs on heating and cooling, or plumbing or electrical systems?

A: No, Rod’s private contracting is for residential major appliance repairs only. These other systems are distinctly different and require a different inventory and equipment in the van and a technician licensed in these fields. Some appliance companies DO branch into these fields BUT you are much better off to call a company that specializes in these other systems.

Q: What does “factory authorized” mean?

A: It simply means that an outside company has been authorized by the manufacturer to handle warranty claims and has nothing to do with training or experience on a particular brand or type of appliance.

Q: Does my appliance need regular maintenance by an appliance service?

A: No. You simply need to keep your refrigerator coils and dryer vents clean and un-restricted. As well as performing visual inspections and maintaining over-all hygiene of all your appliances.

Q: How long will my appliances last?

A: There is not any given “lifetime”. Its “life” is the run time measured in hours of operation, not its age. Your appliances are considered to be “durable goods” and they can be kept in service indefinitely by continuing to make needed repairs.

Q: How much longer will my appliances last before another repair is needed?

A: A technician cannot accurately predict future mechanical failures. As a general rule: When you make a repair, the odds are that you won’t have to make another repair on that same appliance for at least another year or two. It all depends on many factors such as over-all condition, quality, environment, run time, abuse, etc. And typically you can get many more years out of your appliance before it needs another repair, it just depends on all those factors and conditions.

Questions you SHOULD ask before involving a service company:

  • Have I checked all the obvious and simple things, such as kinked hoses?
  • Is the drain hose above the washtub like it should be to prevent siphoning?
  • Is the appliance getting full power?
  • Is the water turned on?
  • Are all the controls set properly?
  • Are the heat exchanger coils and vents dirty or restricted?
  • Is the light bulb screwed in all the way?
  • Is it plugged in?
  • Is the leak actually coming from the appliance itself? Or just a loose hose fitting or plumbing problem? Does it simply need to be leveled?
  • Is there a foreign object such as a spoon under the dishwasher float?
  • Is there a foreign object blocking the cooling fan?

Believe it or not I do get calls for these very simple problems you can fix yourself and save money!
And of course; My contracts are not intended for these minor repairs you can perform yourself.

Other questions to ask or issues to investigate before calling a service company or scheduling an appointment:

  • Have I made sure the symptom is repeatable and can I properly describe it when I call the service company?
  • Is my appliance still under warranty?
  • Have I researched the replacement cost versus repair cost and examined the over-all condition of my appliance before considering a repair?
  • Is the service company compensated by the hour or a flat rate? And, if by the hour, is the technician experienced and work quickly? And does the hourly rate include drive time and return trips?
  • Does the company use exact replacement or cheaper exact replacement parts
  • Will the company provide a free phone quote?
  • Does the company provide consistent, flat rate and/or blue book pricing?
  • What are warranty and refund policies?
  • How much am I ready to spend on repairs, and what methods of compensation does the company accept?
  • Do I want to do minimal repairs or fix it right the first time?
  • Was I fully satisfied with my last service or the company I called?
  • Did the last company provide and actually honor a warranty?
  • Were they on time or called when they were running late?
  • Were they courteous and professional?
  • Did they have the needed parts on their van or get the repair done within a reasonable amount of time on special order parts?
  • Did they clean up or leave a mess in your home?
  • Did they answer all of your questions and explain what they are doing?
  • Did they resolve any disputes?
  • Do I want to call them again or try a different company?