Transgenic Babies

The following is a series of videos about what appears to be “transgenic babies” now being born to mothers who were “vaccinated” with the experimental nanotechnology gene therapy (synthetic messenger RNA) now being distributed world-wide by the Rockefeller/Gates/Fauci pharmaceutical industrial complex.

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I never thought I would live to see the day when there comes a division in the human race by way of genetic experimentation. This is the stuff of prophetic warnings and science fiction movies. 😋

The appearance of these new babies does bring up very serious moral, legal and ethical questions such as:

Will these transhumans survive into adulthood?

Will they start developing any kind of mutations, diseases or cancers?

Will they manifest any other unusual characteristics as they grow and mature?

Will they grow rapidly and reach puberty earlier?

Will they be able to reproduce?

Will they be the intellectual property of the gene engineering corporations?

Are they actually human beings or something entirely different?

Is there any evidence of “black eyed children” showing up in the past revealing previous genetic experimentation before the WEF great reset and world-wide genetic experiment was activated?

How long has the Rockefeller/Gates/Fauci pharmaceutical industrial complex been using nanotechnology in “vaccines” resulting in “transgenic babies” and/or “transhumans”?

Such as these children with completely black eyes and able to hold their head up right after birth and various other maturity developments at a very early age as detailed in the following videos-

Doctor Viviane Brunet discuses the appearance of transgenic babies

Ectolife Promotional Video
Ectolife Website

Transgenic Baby 1

Transgenic Baby 2

Transgenic Baby 3

Transgenic Baby 4

Transgenic Baby Compilation