Contact and Service Area

Service area-

My service area is a large triangle that covers the major interstate highway corridors with the eastern point being I-70 east to the town of Deer Trail on the plains, I-25 north to 160th avenue and as far south as the city of Parker and Federal boulevard is the western edge of my service area which pretty much covers the entire metro area from Federal boulevard east to Aurora and on out to the eastern plains.

Send postal materials to:
Rodney Brian Graff
Care of USPS BOX 385.
Byers, CO 80103
MOBILE – 303.809.4229 – (For fastest service)

OFFICE – 303.822.9868 – (I’m not usually there)

Telephone hours: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

For the slowest possible service; I USED to provide an email address BUT, for the most part, that email box would usually just get filled up with spam so; I am no longer providing an email address here. If you really want to send an Email then; call me first. 🙂