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Rod’s Appliance Service

Average rating:  

 245 reviews

 by Salvador
Great service / Gran servicio
City: Deer Trail

Rod is the best in the industry. He provided reliable, quick, and professional service repair. He made 2 attempts to repair my refrigerator and refunded me the cost of the repair once we realized the refrigerator was beyond repair and the replacement pieces couldn’t be ordered anymore. Highly recommended.

Rod es el mejor en la industria. Proporcion贸 un servicio de reparaci贸n fiable, r谩pido y profesional. Hizo 2 intentos para reparar mi refrigerador y me reembols贸 el costo de la reparaci贸n una vez que nos dimos cuenta de que el refrigerador estaba m谩s all谩 de la reparaci贸n y las piezas de repuesto ya no se pod铆a pedir. Altamente recomendado.

 by Pat Dunaway
City: Strasburg

We have been very satisfied with repairs to appliances. We have been very satisfied with quick service after our phone calls.

 by Patty and Bob Quinn
Domestic CEO, Partner in this life
City: Bennett

Rod has serviced our appliances for a little over two decades. His diagnosis has always been spot on. He arrives on time and ready to work, explaining what he needs to do and is focused on the task. Timely work, provides a thorough recap of the of job, explains his charges again and concludes the appointment with a personable message,and leaving us with a satisfying feeling that we can count on Rod’s work.

 by Tobi
Good, reliable service
City: Deer Trail

Rod has serviced my appliances for several years. He’s always been punctual, and reliable. He gets my appliances up and running quickly so I can get on with my day. We really appreciate him along our corridor.

 by Mick Wenlock
Top service
City: Byers

We have made use of Rod’ excellent service at least (underlined) 5 times. Each time Rod has been timely, professional, courteous and to the point. He explains what he has found,what he is going to do and an exact estimate. He has been meticulous.

We unreservedly recommend Rod and his service.

 by Margaret
City: Bennett

I called Rodney at10:30 am on6/1/23.My freezer was leaking water and I did’nt know how to fix. Rodney came out in a few hrs and fixed my unit.He always keeps his parts available or will get them asap. This is the second appliance he worked on for,honest.would recommend him highly.

 by Daniel Peacemaker
I would recommend Rods Service
City: Aurora

2/22/23 called Rod鈥檚 appliance service after having some trouble with my dishwasher. He walked me through diagnosing the problem and checking the float over the phone. He helped me fix the problem over the phone without even seeing what was going on! My family has used him in the past with great results, I would definitely recommend Rod!

 by Benjie
Most Honest
City: Watkins

Rod is very professional and honest. We had him out to replace our ice maker. Instead, he said it did not need to be replaced and fixed the problem. I highly recommend his company.

 by Karen
best appliance service in Colorado
City: Englewood

Rod has been fixing my family’s appliances for years and years. He’s honest, punctual, very very clear about his pricing and procedures, and he gets the job done well every time. I highly recommend his services! He really knows his stuff.

 by VF
City: Aurora, CO

I had used Rodney’s Contracting years ago to repair a very old refrigerator which is still running perfectly. This time it was my dishwasher. Rodney cleared up the problem in record time for a fair price and was courteous, knowledgeable and professional. It’s nice to deal with a contractor who is up front about fees and costs, especially if you are on a fixed budget. He does exceptional work!

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