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Rod’s Appliance Service

Average rating:  

 232 reviews

 by Randy Trupp
refrigerator repair
City: Bennett

Rod was extremely knowledgable & very helpful with my repair. I would use Rod again for future services.

 by Margaret
Rod did it again!!
City: Highlands Ranch

Rod solved the problem without having to replace the garbage disposal, thus saving money.
The other time he saved money by fixing my dryer without installing an expensive sensor.
Thanks, Rod!

 by Mick Wenlock
Excellent service
City: Byers CO

Rod is thoroughly professional in all aspects. He arrived on time, ready to fix our appliance. He had the part he needed and got right into it. He fixed the issue put the dishwasher back together and tested the result.

The cost was exactly as agreed.

An excellent job. Thanks Rod.

 by Michelle Linnebur
Professional and Quick!
City: Byers, CO

Mr. Graff was very professional, reasonable, and did the service in a timely manner! I would 100% recommend him to fix any appliances you need fixed.

 by Adriana
City: Deer Trail

We have used Rod more than once for appliance repair. He is honest about what the problem might be and looks at ways to fix it that won’t cost an arm and a leg and gives you options for repair. His work is excellent and he’s a really nice guy too. 😊

 by David Broderick
Multiple appliances
City: Aurora

Rod has repaired multiple appliances for me over the last several weeks both at my house & at a rental – dishwasher, refrigerator, & washing machines. After analysis, he’ll let you know what’s wrong, approx. cost to fix & let you decide if it’s worthwhile to have him repair. He’s always upfront & honest. He’s typically able to repair your major appliances within 30 minutes.

 by Jason P
Rod was great help!
City: Limon

I will use Rod for all appliance repairs going forward, he was a great help to me in my unique situation.

 by Marianne Castrovince
A+ Everytime
City: Byers

Rodney has fixed all my appliances for about the last 8 years or so.

Every time I have called him, he has been on time. He has always been honest.

Made all the repairs exactly as diagnosed and at the price quoted.

I have never had any of his work or the parts replaced fail.

He always presented me with options for repairs and given sound advice as well as offering information on how to take care of my appliances to avoid further repairs.

Honest, on time, accurate, a skilled technician and informative. Why would call anyone else?

 by Cheryl
City: Highlands Ranch

Rodney, Cheryl Trobec here. I wanted to jet you know that our Electrolux washer it wasn’t suds that caused the noise (which the noise continued to get worse after your visit). We had the drain pump replaced and problem solved. Also the control panel was subjected to a trickling of water from the detergent tray so the mineral deposits were removed and resolved that issue. That’s two repair calls and $120 paid to you for zero resolution – we won’t be using you again.

Is this a failure to communicate or take advantage of my client satisfaction, money back guarantee? 🤔 My records indicate she made no attempt to inform me that her problem was continuing or becoming more obvious until her client review showed up. . . Here is what the record indicates: A little over a month ago I went out on this job to diagnosis a problem with “control buttons intermittent or non functional” but control buttons were working normally for me. Cheryl was not there at the time and I discovered her husband might be treating the touch sensitive control more like a mechanical touch membrane switch and touch sensitive control does not always respond to a quick push and was responding normally for both me and her husband with a more casual touch and no apparent need for a repair and was $60 only for the 90 mile round trip to check one appliance. I did explain to her husband that sometimes touch sensitive controls are also sensitive to other variables such as relative humidity and dermal hydration and he now has a $60 credit which he can apply to any repair within 30 days and of course, this would include fixing button problem if that problem persists. About a month passed without any further notification from the client that her button problems were continuing. Then she called me regarding a new concern about increased noise from this older washer so I went out again and found that yes, the older pump was a little bit noisier compared to a new pump and there might be issues with suds cavitation noises since I did observe suds in the tub even after the third fill cycle plus some minor cabinet noises when pump was sucking air (cavitation) after draining out tub but pump still working ok during that entire time I spent using various button functions to test different cycles. She also had a recording of some noises on her phone but of course; that does not help me pinpoint the source or decibel levels of the noise coming from her amplified speaker. I advised her to pay attention to possible suds issues and did not recommend replacing the expensive but still functional part at that time and collected another $60 trip charge. And, once again; I did explain to her there is a another $60 credit that she can apply to any repair within 30 days and course, that would include replacing the pump if the problem persists or gets worse. And during that entire time I was there: The buttons were working ok for me and no assertion from her she was continuing to have button problems for over a month. After that: There was no further communication from her indicating to me the noise is progressively getting worse until her review showed up about two weeks after we last spoke. Upon receipt of her above complaint: I did attempt to explain to her that she had opportunity to notify me and take advantage of my customer satisfaction guarantee and apply her credits to whatever the needed repair(s) might be but then she decided to have a problem with that as well in the form a long text message including a statement she also decided to have a problem with my “political views” but not sure what that might be since I am usually all about customer service, the truth, facts, evidence and the law (see my web site) and not politics which is mostly about manipulation, lying, cheating and stealing. Then: She blocked me so I could not respond to her new level of complaints. I did go ahead and issue a full refund of the $120 she complained about but then: She refused delivery and returned the customer satisfaction refund check back to me. 🙄 It does appear this is just one of those rare cases that proves I can never satisfy 100% of the people 100% of the time and case closed at this point. BTW: I’ll go ahead and state the obvious here: My goal is always to sell a repair whenever possible and not just walk away from paying jobs. Kindest regards; Rod. 😎

 by Dana Scholl
City: Byers

I unknowingly turned on the child lock on my Samsung dryer and couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t start. While scheduling a diagnostic visit with Rod he happened to ask based on what I was saying was the issue if the child lock was on and walked me through how to fix it myself. And what do you know it started to run. Not my finest moment but he was so kind to help us problem solve over the phone and save us the cost 😊. We will for sure use his help in future when something is actually broken.

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