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They call me Rodney Graff or just “Rod”. I am a healthy, non-GMO person with natural immunity and a highly experienced technician and provider of these in-home services established in 1995 after I gained substantial experience over many years as a lead technician or department manager at other companies dating back to 1979.

Welcome to my Headquarters and Office where our primary mode of communications is not an email, text message or tweet but is in fact a personal one on one phone call at: 303-809-4229 (mobile) or 303-822-9868 (office).

My goal is to provide the best service possible as an honest contractor well aware of your appliance service needs. And my goal includes a $20 cash discount on repairs, a full two year warranty on all services and a 100% customer satisfaction guaranty as well as a price meet or beat assurance.

In fact; I am currently maintaining or even beating 2019 flat rate pricing guidelines as set forth in the industry standard blue book so it really does boil down to the bottom line and yes; there have been significant price increases from 2019 to present and so by using the 2019 price book; I am already beating all the newer, higher prices as set by industry standards! 🙂

My technical experience includes but is not limited to: Aircraft, Vehicles, Agricultural equipment, Forklifts & Trucks, Hydraulic systems, Construction Equipment, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Small appliances, Electronics, Computers and Major Appliances.

I use my technical skills to the best of my ability and remain up to date on the latest technology, diagnostics and repair procedures.
I strive to provide excellent service, maintain a well-stocked van and I am here to help.
I am clean and professional in your home and I arrive as scheduled or call if there is an unforeseen problem with scheduling which is very rare.
I use exact replacement parts as much as possible and I double-check my work as well as provide follow-up calls and warranty work as needed.
I maintain good communication skills, provide exact quotes and answer your questions before any work is performed.
I can diagnose and service most makes, models, types and vintages of major kitchen and laundry appliances including:


Rod. Owner and Service Technician with over 40 years experience.





Regarding my cancellation of the advertising contract with the private club and marketing organization known as: “Better Business Bureau” or “BBB” where I did maintain the “A+ Accreditation” for over twenty years-

Upon a recent revelation of a minor contract dispute in which BBB complained to me about an honest and true statement on my site (about personality types who just want to complain then reject all remedies) which is allegedly a violation of a BBB rule (open to interpretation) I then had a serious moral decision to consider regarding this paid advertising after 20+ years of maintaining a nearly perfect customer satisfaction history including the A+ BBB Accreditation and that moral question is:

Do I actually want to maintain that private club membership (with monthly dues and other associated expenses) when other members of the same organization appear to be directly or indirectly a party to the massive crimes against humanity which are now causing widespread economic destruction, pain, suffering and death all throughout this realm?

And the answer to that moral question is a resounding NO!
I am absolutely NOT interested in being affiliated with the same club that maintains other members who appear to be directly or indirectly involved in these world-wide crimes against humanity!

For more details about these crimes see this: Grand Jury Summary.

It does appear the BBB may be hypocritical with its high moral “standards” when it cries and complains to me about true legal and lawful statements but then maintains its relationships with other businesses that appear to be a party to the crimes. Such as: Coercive mask and vaccine company policies that violate our inherent rights or even direct ties with known criminal organizations such as: Pfizer, CDC and WEF with its Great Reset plan and MAP to “transform” (take over) the world. And of course; The Real Anthony Fauci and his various crimes including but not limited to his AZT drug scandal, widespread Virus Mania and his PCR fraud and Virology Fraud (now involves a 1.8 MILLION DOLLAR REWARD) all based on a foundation of an ancient Contagion Myth supporting the pharmaceutical industrial complex of Hippocratic Hyprocrisy which is now causing a whole new man-made Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS) pandemic of a scope and magnitude of bio-weapons pain, suffering, death and economic damages not yet fully understood.

All those plus other crimes against humanity are now under investigation by the International Crimes Investigative Committee which will eventually include investigations into patent fraud, illegal bio-weapons facilities and money laundering taking place in various regions by way of puppet governments installed in those foreign lands such as detailed in the Oliver Stone documentaries: “Ukraine On Fire” and “Revealing Ukraine“.

It does appear the BBB vetting process may be ignoring crimes other companies are involved in while crying and complaining to me about mere web site semantics involving true news, information, facts, evidence and the law. I do suspect the BBB itself might actually have direct or indirect ties to the crimes by way of its own company policy. Such as face mask policies in the past and/or being in complete Lock Step with the MSM narrative of the agenda now causing wide spread economic collapse, pain, suffering and death.

Therefore and as of 3/22/22: I have resigned from the Better Business Bureau membership involving members that appear to have direct or indirect ties to the World Economic Forum and its highly destructive programs causing wide spread death and destruction. Such as: “Event 201” and the “Great Reset” to transform and “reset” our world without our informed consent. Including criminal tactics such as coercion, offering medical advice without a license to practice medicine, illegal use of civilian and military force and illegal gain of function research to produce bio-weapons which of course; are all CRIMES of the highest magnitude against all of humanity.

In my opinion: These major crimes against humanity are a very serious; material breach of contract and ALL businesses involved should ALL have their memberships terminated otherwise; the BBB might just be another party to those crimes and the truth will invariably all come out in the end as the very slow wheels of international justice continue to gain traction over time and the criminals are ultimately prosecuted and brought to justice.

I do hope and pray the BBB will eventually come to realize the true nature and scope of what is really going on in this realm, stop micro managing and pay attention to the big picture. Also: I am very grateful the entire virology industry, including their illegal bio-weapons labs got it (Germ Theory) spectacularly wrong otherwise: The human race would already be extinct from their “gain of function” bio-weapons “research” attempts to actually cause a world-wide biological catastrophe.

The moral of this conflict of interest story is: Just because the largest criminal organization in the world and its various agents and agencies might have “A+ Customer Service” this does not excuse their crimes and they do NOT deserve a reward or “accreditation” for “great customer service” while killing patients with its deadly products such as remdesivir as detailed by Dr. Byron Ardis. 😏

Sincerely; Rodney.


Want Covid to end not become an endless Virus Mania? See: The End Of Covid

4/10/23 – Here it is well over 3 years later and we now know that IT WAS ALL A LIE: How your Government tricked you into taking part in a Deadly Experiment that killed Millions via Midazolam Poisoning & COVID Vaccination
Local Copy

COVID UPDATE: What is the truth?
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Also see this recent presentation of: The True Nature of what the ‘covid’ bio-weapons are and what the antidotes are.

Many companies now have their “COVID STATEMENT” on their web site so; here is my own attempt to help eliminate false information, reveal logical and scientific TRUTH and dispel FEAR by way of my own unique COVID STATEMENT.  Also: See my NEWS page for additional information including LIFE SAVING information such as: How to force to hospital to NOT kill the patient with highly toxic drugs (such as Remdesivir) that are known to damage the kidneys and liver resulting in multi organ failure and death.

Everything above including the BBB statement, everything below and everything on my news page which is not related to appliance repair is all in the context of providing critical news and information regarding the widespread crimes against humanity including systemic virology fraud that a rapidly growing group of well credentialed doctors and scientists now refer to as: “The Viral Delusion” Also see: The viral delusion WEB SITE and FLYER you can print and pin on your favorite bulletin board to spread the TRUTH about this Mass Formation Psychosis DELUSION.

Yes folks! This the context of all this. Louis Pasteur was not a biologist. He was a circus showman chemist who was known for plagiarism and pseudoscience fraud.  His germ and vaccine theories have never proven in the lab or clinical trials! BUT maintaining The Viral Delusion that most diseases are caused by a “virus” and not other causes such as TOXEMIA (video) is VERY profitable for the Rockefeller/Gates/Fauci pharmaceutical industrial complex pushing toxic petroleum based drugs including the toxic variety known as a regular “booster” that actually causes TOXEMIA (document). The only milk that might need to be “pasteurized” comes from cows suffering from toxemia. Eliminate the toxins from the mother and her milk becomes safe to drink…

And, to that end; we now have this growing series of documentary films about just how INSANE the Viral Delusion has become world-wide:  Covidland part 1 – The Lockdown  Covidland part 2 – The Mask  Covidland part 3 – The Shot

I do not participate in Corporate Sponsored   Mass Media   Covid Cult activities (including wearing a muzzle) because I am not a follower of the Rockefeller-Gates-Fauci Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex Sponsored Cult and I do believe The Great American Mask Ripoff, Doctor Blaylock’s Statements and these other verifiable Facts, Evidence and Law to be scientifically accurate and Lawfully True including this recent scientific report which clearly reveals: Masks do Nothing except Cause Harm. Also see this Brownstone Report

    1. As a US National; my inherent, self evident rights, including Constitutionally protected right to Private Contract Obligations do not end where somebody else’s fear begins. And of course; the Obligation of a Contract shall NOT be impaired by any entity or color of law action. IE: “We do this (violate your rights) for our safety or security“. And of course; Thomas Jefferson did inform us that not only is our right to disobey unjustified law but is also our duty and dereliction of duty to disobey unjustified law results in increasing difficulty to abolish unjustified law including that which trespasses on our inherent rights.
    2. And speaking of crimes, such as a trespass on our inherent rights; I do not support or participate in crimes against humanity as detailed in this Fauci Covid-19 Dossier and anybody interested in prosecuting criminals should personally deliver this Fauci Covid-19 Dossier to their law enforcement agents and agencies. Also see video: Butterfly of the Week, 18 January 2021: The Fauci Covid-19 Dossier And: Attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich Summary of his finding of the facts, evidence and law regarding these Crimes Against Humanity
    3. Peer review attempts to verify the claim a new (novel) corona virus exists failed to verify existence of the alleged new virus and when the peers contacted the original scientists who made the claim; they all conceded they have no proof of claim they isolated, purified and discovered a new virus they named “SARS-Cov-2”.
      See: Debunking the Nonsense Video And Document
      And: Important revelations shared by Dr Stoian Alexov, President of the Bulgarian Pathology Association
    4. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) method simply makes more copies of a specific DNA sample and does NOT isolate any specific virus from a mixed sample collected from the mouth, throat, sinus or blood.
      If the sample collected from the body is NOT specific (DNA isolated from a mixture collected BEFORE copying) then: Junk In = Junk Out
      Read: COVID19 PCR Tests Are Scientifically Meaningless  And: Statement on virus isolation by Doctors Thomas Cowan and Andrew Kaufman
      View: How isolation actually works and why there is no isolated new virus sitting on a shelf for reference and comparison.
      Listen: Viral Bomshell regarding their claim(s). What they have or do NOT have in their lab. – Dr. Thomas Cowan and Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News.
      (The Core of PCR testing is, and I Quote David Martin: “We will amplify a sample until we get the answer we want.”)
      Hear David’s commentary in video starting at 22:40 here: Butterfly of the Week, 7 December: What’s next – Custom and Culture
    5. People are getting sick for many other reasons including mass media induced Stress, Fear, Mask Mouth and Face Mask Abuse (wearing mask far longer than it was designed for) EMF Radiation, Pesticides Et Cetera that all cause an increase in toxins in the body resulting in an increase of exosome (corona virus) production from the cells to help eliminate the toxins caused by stress, fear and mask abuse which are all facts of life for faithful Covid Cult members and followers.
      Read: The Contagion Myth. Why Viruses, Including Coronavirus, Are Not the Cause of Disease. by: Dr. Thomas S. Cowan M.D.
      See: The inconsistencies of the Corona Virus Story
      Listen: The Truth about Viruses with Michael O’Bernicia and Dr. Andrew Kaufman (stream or right click to “save as”)
      Contagion Myth Book Cover
    6. The recent peer reviewed CDC clinical study published July 2020 revealed: Those who always wear a mask are 70.6% more likely to get sick compared to those who never wear a mask who are only 3.9% likely to get sick and of course: Masks do Nothing except Cause Harm.
      See: Community and Close Contact Exposures Study
      Analysis of the peer reviewed study: CDC Study – those who always wear a mask are 70% more likely to contract the covid syndrome of symptoms
    7. Johns Hopkins appears to be suppressing the truth regarding the factual evidence that, statistically speaking; there has been no dramatic increase in the all cause mortality rate which is usually around 3 million deaths per year in the US.
      See: Johns Hopkins News Published then Retracted
      Add to that: New Study of 10 million Chinese finds Asymptomatic Covid Spread Never Existed
    8. Wearing a mask for extended periods of time (mask abuse) makes me sick and may spread the resulting increase of corona viruses (exosomes) to others and of course: Masks do Nothing except Cause Harm.
      Read: Medical Doctor Warns that “Bacterial Pneumonias Are on the Rise” from Mask Wearing
    9. Those experiencing dis-ease that appear AS “covid-19 symptoms” should be relieved to discover the Zelenko Protocol has been proven to be very effective and is available through TeleMD. (Also: Be aware of “confirmation bias“. Just because a doctor in the allopathic medical industry relied on a scientific meaningless test and opined: “you have covid” then; this is not necessarily true and you may want a second opinion from another doctor. Such as: A holistic practitioner in the new fields of “bio-terrain” medicine.)
    10. The entire method of virus isolation and purification is fundamentally flawed at its very foundation that was built based on Louis Pasteur’s theory of disease which was ultimately discovered to be absolute pseudoscience fraud. Pasteur was basically a showman just like those paid expert “doctors” that used to advertise cigarettes as being “healthy” or “good for you”. The real science of Professor Antoine Bechamp is what is really going on in our body when it comes to disease.  Just because they can tell the computer to model something in virtual reality does not mean that it actually exists. For the layman’s terms, abbreviated version of this pseudoscience fraud in the virology industry see: Virology Fraud Explained in 19 minutes
      For a much more in-depth explanation, in scientific terms of the virology fraud, see: Virology Science Debunks Corona and: Germs Debunk Corona
      Read: Why you cannot actually “catch a virus” Exposing the 200 year old scam
    11. The health status of my body is both legally and lawfully confidential and asking about his immunization status is both a violation HIPAA law and an Invasion of Privacy akin to asking about any OTHER health status such as: “what medications are you taking?” or “what are the results of your prostate or breast examine?” or “have you had a colonoscopy?
    12. For the people suffering from mass media induced germophobia related to the syndrome [of covid symptoms] which has a 99.98% survival rate-

The immunization status of my body: My body did manifest and recover from the syndrome of symptoms which means my body now has specific antibodies to eliminate whatever toxin caused the syndrome (such as a “spike protein” and/or a “corona virus” (exosome) the cells may produce to clean up the toxins) so my body no longer has the causative toxin (such as a ‘virus‘ or “spike protein“) and this is known as: “Adaptive Immunity“. Or, as the CDC does admit regarding all of us 146+ million people in the US who naturally recovered from whatever toxin(s) causes the covid syndrome of symptoms: “Natural Immunity“.

That’s right everybody! I am still a non-GMO, PURE BLOOD HUMAN with natural immunity.  😎

How would you respond to prying, personal questions about your own confidential medical status such as your last physical, your genetic makeup or When Asked If Vaxxed?

During these very disturbing and dystopic times; I now maintain a news page which contains a lot of other news and information including truth in science that corporate sponsored mass media is not telling us (because it’s not profitable) so visit my news page whenever possible for the latest information and scientific discoveries as they become available.

For more information about mask mouth, face mask abuse and how Masks do Nothing except Cause Harm and the actual science involved; see section “about the masks” on my news page which includes a preponderance of facts, evidence, law, science and images such as this graph based on public statistics as presented by Historian Thomas Woods in his presentation the Covid Cult:

So, if you insist on wearing a mask for a term far longer than its intended use then: Please maintain your distance from me because:

You are putting me and others at risk of infection and spreading the FEAR it represents to all those around you.

Public statistics appear to confirm this when areas requiring masks have a higher case rate than those with no such requirement. And of course; people living in fear and engaging in cult behavior can be very unpredictable and dangerous. 😱

If you have decided to participate in the world-wide, Industrial Medical Experiment by injecting an experimental, Unapproved gene therapy labeled ‘vaccine’ into your body in which all the risks and true safety record have yet to be fully understood and disclosed then; PLEASE maintain your distance from me because:

Your experiment and body may be putting me and others at risk of contamination from Self Spreading Vaccines and potential risk of infection from a “Mutated Super Virus” as a direct result of Genetic Experimentation.

Also see: https://thetruedefender.com/vaccine-shedding-is-real-and-dangerous-according-to-fda-gov-documents/
And: https://thetruedefender.com/covid-vaccines-may-cause-diseases-in-10-to-15-years-according-to-an-mit-scientist/

BTW: Vaccine theory has never been about preventing the vaccinated person from ‘spreading’ a disease. The theory is only about protecting the immunized person and does nothing to prevent the immunized person from ‘spreading’ a disease. And of course; far more than enough time has already passed to establish “herd immunity” therefore most will now test “positive” and is likely you already have it but experienced little or zero symptoms (asymptomatic) because: Our herd has already been dealing with corona viruses for tens of thousands of years and already has natural immunity. Also: Corona viruses are normally produced in the cells to help eliminate toxins as needed therefore corona viruses are always present as exosomes in the body. This is internal, natural and NORMAL!

This is all about COLLATERAL DAMAGES caused by way of a DYSTOPIAN belief that destroying lives and killing people with ‘lock down’ policy somehow “saves lives” from an alleged new virus they (covid cult members & followers) say has a 99.98% survival rate for most working class people. 😏

And, BTW; my doctor and medicine is actually that of a Modern Holistic, Antoine Béchamp Bio-Terrain Cellular theory of disease medicine based in real science and NOT that of the old Lois Pasture Allopathic theory of disease based on pseudoscience of pushing toxic, industrial petroleum based drugs to treat symptoms instead of healing patients. And of course; misdiagnosis of bacterial issues for profits such as bacterial pneumonia and streptococcus (strep throat) being diagnosed as a “covid case” in order to get paid more for all those “covid patients”.

How snake oil magic works:
Instead of allowing natural healing and herd immunity for a disease that has a 99.98% survival rate-
Sell an expensive snake oil that causes the body to produce the spike proteins the snake oil is supposed to get rid of and when this results in a “new variant” then; start selling a ‘new’ snake oil such as a “booster”. . .