2 Year Warranty

I designed this web site as a reference resource so you may become more informed about your appliances and also become a more educated consumer to make better, well informed decisions about your appliances and service needs.

Have you ever had major appliance service or thought about having it done? It is not something done often because most major appliances are pretty reliable compared to other machines such as a vehicle.

And have you ever seen or heard the advertising or offers being made by other contractors or service companies? I will not be offering any such artificial sales, discounts or negative advertising so often found in the service industry.

I have worked for other companies in the past where they offer “coupons” or “discounts” BUT these are typically worded in such a manor that you are not really getting any discount at all! Why would they? Typically these offers run all year long therefore nothing “special” at all! And their ad may encouraged you to “mention the coupon” or “mention you are a senior citizen”. Most of these practices are more for tracking the effectiveness of their advertising and not for your benefit. And in some cases; they want you to mention the discount ahead of time so their technician can “pad the bill” to cover the difference. See my bottom line for more details.

And speaking of advertising; you have probably heard those negative ads by big companies that defame the little guy by saying their services or warranties are “better”. But think about it; would you prefer to deal with a large, national corporation where you and its employees are nothing more than a number or their bottom line?

Or would you prefer personal one on one attention from the owner and technician who actually provides the services? 🙂

I simply provide excellent, personal solutions and quality services backed by a full two year warranty on all completed contracts as well as a price meet or beat assurance to remain competitive with other reputable companies that can provide a legitimate offer on the same services and also guarantee you will be fully satisfied with my services or your money back!

Just like the big corporations or even much better in many cases. Go figure! 🙂