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Want Covid to end not become an endless Virus Mania? See: The End Of Covid

In consideration they are now lying with statistics as a matter of company policy such as labeling accidents, suicides and heart disease as “Covid Death” then; the truth about that should eventually show up in the statistics. IF we can believe the CDC knows how to count deaths and the numbers from the CDC for the “all cause” annual mortality count (about 3 million per year in USA) are accurate then; we will probably discover there has been no significant, statistical change in the long term graph. We might even discover a statistical anomaly such as deaths from things like accidents, suicides and heart disease count went down by 100,000 while deaths allegedly caused by “Corona Virus” went up by 100,000.Β  Which of course; would be the “smoking gun” evidence that, statistically speaking, nothing actually changed and they are lying with statistics….

I pray that other businesses and their web sites will eventually stop promoting the crimes and perpetuating the fear and start offering some more enlightening truth about all this crap. I also pray that people will stop playing the silly political games of the federal corporation (U.S.A. Inc.) and get down to serious business such as creating law that will prevent this crap from happening again. All the people have to do is create a new amendment to their Constitutions including their state Constitutions as well as the United States Constitution along the lines of protecting the people.
Such as: Contractually holding public servants liable for misconduct, negligence and dereliction of duty that results in commercial injury damages as well as physical injuries and deaths.

I know they mean well with the Barrington declaration but not sure if they should be promoting the continued use of a scientifically meaningless test as part of the solution and speaking of a solution:
I was listening to the traffic report on the radio this morning and heard what sounds like a Public Service Announcement (PSA) all about how they are “rushing” (science) to offer brand new, gene altering vaccinations to the people so their lives can return back to “normal”. This is CLASSIC!
Is the same, old, classic advertising tactic: Problem Reaction Solution (PRS) scenario and the “announcement” ended with “This message (PRS-PSA) was paid for by: the pharmaceutical industry. . .
The industry created a “Problem“, the people and their governments have Reacted and now; the “Solution” is being sold to the people and their governments for Billions PLUS other costs such as our health, freedom and liberty as has been well documented at many resources and in many references including the above document: “Virus Mania”.

Welcome to day 366 of the plandemic launched by event 201 on 10/18/19 and brought to you by the Rockefeller/Gates monopolies of mass media and the medical industry in cooperation with the Johns Hopkins center for health and security, CDC, WHO, Blackrock investments, the 3M mask company etcetera and of course; the pharmaceutical industry including 25+ vaccine companies such as the CDC plus all its “members” who own 56+ vaccine patents.

Yes folks; this day marks the anniversary day for when this all started beginning with their practice “exercise” known as: “Event 201”Β  WooHoo! πŸ₯³

Welcome to day 370 of the new, new & improved concept of the newest, latest, greatest, tiniest, largest phantom menace to terrorize the entire world.
Brought to you by Mass media and its sponsors the Rockefeller foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation and in cooperation with the Johns Hopkins center for health and security, Blackrock investments, the 3M mask company, the world economic forum and of course; the pharmaceutical industry including 25+ vaccine companies such as the CDC plus all its “members” who own 56+ vaccine patents. And of course: The invasion of the new, new normals brought to us by ignorance, propaganda, indoctrination and laziness. 😎

Welcome to day 376 of ‘official’ violations of the Nuremberg code based on pseudoscientific fraud enforced by way of neurolinguistic programming of the sheeple who are SO lazy they do not even bother to simply read the instructions on the test kit or assert their rights. 😎

It just been revealed to the world: The planned “solution” for their Problem, Reaction Solution scenario does not actually solve the problem they created and the masks and social distancing will be “necessary” even after they sell billions of experimental vaccines to all the governments according to Dr. Anthony Fauci who said: “Masks And Social Distancing Will Still Be Necessary Even After Vaccine”. See article HERE

NOTICE – For my own safety: For those of you who insist on growing your extra large culture of bacteria by way of trapping your bacteria and moisture in a low oxygen, high carbon dioxide environment in and around your mouth behind a mask resulting in extra strong exhalation of germ loaded air and moisture coming through and around the mask as you breath: PLEASE KEEP YOUR DISTANCE AWAY FROM ME!
Because: I do not want to become infected by whatever disease is likely developing in your body as you continue to compromise your own immune system resulting in increased production of: bacteria, viruses, toxins and exosomes.

Be advised: A recent CDC clinical study revealed that those who wear a mask full time are 70% more likely to get sick (and spread germs) as compared to the rest of us who actually understand the science and never take an unnecessary RISK of wearing a mask for any extended period of time and we are only about 4% likely to get sick and spread germs by NOT wearing a mask.

Indications long term use of face mask is causing an unhealthy condition in your body include but are not limited to:
Shortness of breath, headaches, nausea, fatigue, lethargy, difficulty concentrating, difficulty sleeping and flu-like symptoms.

If you are wondering about the science involved then; try conducting your own scientific tests on your mask and face for bacteria contamination or contact your pulmonary specialist for his opinion regarding long term use of a face mask and cumulative effects of re-breathing C02 and bacterial loads as well detailed by Pulmonary Specialist Dr. Sterling Simpson on this page.

I just watched Dr. Andrew Kaufman’s analysis of the very first comprehensive randomized study to specifically determine whether or not face masks do anything at all to reduce Sars-Cov-2 infections. There were many delays in getting this study published BECAUSE: It has revealed that wearing a face mask makes no significant difference for trying to stop or reduce Covid-19 cases. (see “videos” section above)

I do find it interesting how easy it is misread and/or misunderstand what the study ACTUALLY reveals because 1. Have to really comprehend how all the numbers work in these types of studies. 2. The study does have some vague or “double talk” language which can mislead the reader to the wrong conclusion and I have already heard the wrong conclusion being discussed in mainstream media to continue to forward those agendas…

I just learned about a new term that brings up some pretty interesting search results. The term is “Pseudo-Epidemic” and one form of a “Pseudo-Epidemic” is when people rely on a quick test that can produce a lot of false positives fooling the people into believing they have an epidemic when in fact; there is no epidemic at all…

In case you are thinking there is a lot of information here: This is all just a small portion of the entire body of data and references I have accumulated since this entire healthcare fiasco began back in late 2019. There is something like 200+ more internet links I have not bothered to share here. What you see here is just the more important information I believe is worth sharing with friends (including all those I contract with) for the benefit of all. 😎

The world according to the world economic forum. “Corona Virus Christmas Toys” . . .
Christmas toys in the age of coronavirus
Just how deep does this Covid Cult rabbit hole go? πŸ€”

The big propaganda “news” headline today: Hospital staff who have been working with ‘covid patients’ all year (and not dropping dead) get their vaccines now!

So; they will now be asymptomatic carriers… 😏

As the huge multinational pharmaceutical companies continue to “rush science” at “warp speed” under “emergency authorization” to sell expensive vaccines (with no long term clinical studies) to governments; yet another old and very cheap medication appears to be a cure.

This is in addition to the Zelenko protocol which has already been proven effective using another old, cheap drug. . .

And, apparently, this treatment has been known and used for earlier versions of SARS Cov and a broad range of other viruses including HIV for many years….

The FDA-approved drug ivermectin inhibits the replication of SARS-CoV-2 in vitro

Imagine that! 😏

I listened to the first half of the coast to coast am show last night.
I found the first guest (Dr. Paul Thomas) to be VERY revealing to the entire world.
Of course; I do wonder: Will the world pay any attention? πŸ€”

There has been a very long history of CDC NEVER doing just a basic study of pediatric case histories of vaccinated versus unvaccinated patients.

Dr. Paul Thomas who is a very respected pediatrician operating a well established clinic with around 15,000 patients in Oregon has managed to actually publish what I believe is the very first comprehensive and logical study of the case histories of vaccinated versus unvaccinated patients.

At which point; the Oregon medical board suspended his license. . . . 😱

The published study-
Relative Incidence of Office Visits and Cumulative Rates of Billed Diagnoses Along the Axis of Vaccination.

The good doctor is not an “anti-vaxxer”.
He simply suggests: Informed Consent per basic human rights and common sense medical ethics but, apparently; the Rockefeller/Gates Allopathic Medical Industry Monopoly decided to have a problem with the good doctor suggesting or promoting informed consent, human rights and ethical medicine. . . 😏

See: Β

They are now “rushing science” to distribute a new, experimental “Messenger RNA Vaccine” they say will deliver a genetic message to cells so they will produce new proteins which will then cause an immune response”…. And BTW; all these companies were indemnified long ago so they can not be held liable if their genetic experiments and products cause damages such as injury or death. . . .
Good luck with that!
Is certainly not a genetic experiment I would ever willingly participate in even if they actually do provide full disclosure of everything in that industrial products including exotic metals associated with nano technology and not listed in the ingredients on many vaccines that contain these nanotechnology ingredients for various unknown purposes.

I love it when the truth about the “science” often ends up in a court of law such as this recent case that includes this statement in the Lisbon court of appeals ruling:

“In view of the current scientific evidence, this test is, in itself, unable to determine, beyond reasonable doubt, that such positivity corresponds, in fact, to a person’s infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus…”

Imagine THAT! 😏

Judgment of the Lisbon Court of Appeal

It has now been another 6 months since my last comment.
As we now look at the growing evidence the experimental gene therapy being pushed as a “vaccine” is killing tens of thousands and injuring hundreds of thousands and the mRNA spike proteins are causing multiple organ issues including reproductive problems; how much longer will the masses continue to believe the mainstream narrative and doing whatever they are told to do including social distancing, mask wearing and accepting more and more jabs plus “booster” jabs; How much longer do you want this “new normal” to last? Another year? Ten years? Forever?

Will the world-wide mass distribution of billions of doses of the experimental mRNA gene therapy (‘vaccine’) actually result in a splitting of the human race into a different sub-species or even an extinction level event? πŸ€”

IE: Millions of children born to genetically modified parents may have birth defects akin to the thalidomide “flipper babies” of the 50s & 60s and those genetic defects may be passed on to subsequent generations. . . .

BTW: It has already known for years that the use of nanoparticles (including aluminum nanoparticles in vaccines) potentially do have adverse effects on the reproductive system in addition to other known issues such as: Dementia in those who have been accepting their annual “flu shot” for their entire life.

Potential adverse effects of nanoparticles on the reproductive system
This would be in addition to the mRNA spike proteins accumulating in the ovaries and testicles and causing heart damages in children and young adults. . .

In today’s news-

-It appears there are reasonable explanations why many recipients of the clot shots are not experiencing any effects or protection at all.

1. It appears that about 30% of the clot shots are a placebo.
Placebo Lot Numbers

2. Consistency and quality problems with both manufacturing processes and handling of the products after manufacture resulting in lots of inactive or ineffective “dud” vials.
Quality control issues resulting in “dud” vaccines

-Attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich details how WHO has conceded the corona virus never was anything more than ordinary flu symptoms and now estimates that over 500,000 Americans are dead from the “extremely dangerous” experimental ‘vaccine’. It is estimated the CDC VAERS numbers are suppressed or under-reported by at least 90%.
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich details

-More evidence the vaccine does nothing to prevent an outbreak of the syndrome. There has been a covid outbreak in an isolated population despite the entire population being ‘vaccinated’.

vaccinated covid outbreak on carnival cruise-despite all aboard jabbed

-CDC Withdraws PCR testing protocol BUT not until the end of the year…

cdc withdraws pcr testing protocol but not until december

-Doctor Kary Mullis who is the Inventor of PCR testing technology and a nobel prize winner testifies about PCR fraud involving Anthony Fauci that has been going on for decades.

The covid scamdemic is not the first time the CDC drug salesman Fauci has done this to very large numbers of his victims. 😱

When criminals get away with murder; they tend to keep doing it…. 😠
Inventor of PCR Test Details Fauci Fraud

I just added the new video at the top of the introduction featuring Dr. David Martin detailing the patents for the bioweapons and other details about the crimes against humanity.

I must say that when the American people are behaving like submissive sheep who are FAILING to prosecute the crimes and punish the criminals then; they get what they deserve by way of their SILENT CONSENT to the crimes including criminals using the people’s own money to illegally develop the bioweapons that cause illness and are now being injected into their own children….

When the criminals blatantly violate the law in a very public way MULTIPLE TIMES that everybody can clearly see (IE: Fauci lying to congress) and nobody actually DOES anything then: The people get what they deserve. Including the bioweapon poisons they willingly inject into their own children because the lying criminals told them it’s the right thing to do by way of the typical Problem, Reaction-Solution scenario advertising tactics…


I am really looking forward to the great awaking really kicking in when the world’s largest international class action lawsuit eventually reaches dominant media streams involving many millions (possibly billions) of plaintiffs.

It will be in same old, familiar format attorney commercials that begin with:

“Have you or a loved ever been misdiagnosed with a PCR test, mistreated, injured by or died from Vancomycin, Midazolam, Remdesivir or the covid Vaccines? I yes then call: 1-800. . . .” 😎


Many years ago; I was both confronted and confounded by my younger brother who asserted and declared: ‘My society has the right to build a fence around itself, including your land, and ask you to identify yourself at the gate, for the safety of all, before you may access your land, home and property.’

I found this to be a VERY profound statement from my own family member who has just declared that his own security is more important than my personal liberty which, in my reality, is a very disturbing position which does appear to be a clear and present danger and enemy to my own freedom and liberty.

He had just declared that his society is to treat the people in the same manner that a farmer or rancher treats his livestock….

This was a very troubling statement from my own family now appearing to be an enemy threat to my personal liberty so; I did ask my immediate family of brother, father and mother the most basic, simplest way I could think of to get a clear answer to my question about their own position by asking them:

β€œDo you believe that any individual, corporation or government has the right to force me to do something I do not want to do?”

And once again; I was truly astounded to hear their collective answer of β€œyes”….

My mother reasoned: β€œIf there is an emergency, such as an approaching hurricane, we (our society) have the right to evacuate the area and remove you and your family from your home by force for your own safety.” This would be irregardless of my own liberty, individual sovereignty, religious beliefs or personal preparations for the approaching storm and inherent right to CHOOSE whether or not to face of wrath of God and prepare for and defend against natual danger such as a seasonal storm or forest fire.

This is a Clear and Present Danger to my own security, liberty and freedom and so, at that moment of this startling realization and declaration of my family; I found myself estranged from these strangers whom I had thought were free people who actually respected my inherent rights.

Well, that was MANY years ago and here we are now. . . .

I guess my family now has exactly what they wanted now that these dystopian conditions of a medical apartheid and corporate government tyranny is closing in on all of us and telling them to do things they do not want to do including but not limited to: close your businesses and churches, compromise your immune system by rebreathing your germs and carbon dioxide trapped in and behind a muzzle, remain locked in your home, do not travel, be injected with life threatening experimental ‘gene therapy’ bioweapons labeled β€œvaccine” and of course: β€œSHOW US YOUR PAPERS!” (such as vaccine status) in order to travel, buy food and water to survive or obtain proper medical care.

That’s right! Businesses and Governments are now denying goods and services and hospitals are now denying medical care based on discrimination against all those who do not want to do something such as re-breath their carbon dioxide and germs trapped in and behind a muzzle or receive a genetic modification by way of an experimental, untested, synthetic Messenger RNA injected into their body with unknown long term consequences such as autoimmune diseases, cancers, clotting issues and death.

I have not spoken to my family in many years and I assume they are still sheep sleep walking toward the pharmaceutical slaughterhouse as they blindly follow the mass media narrative leading them to injection after injection of toxic, gene altering substances until they all die of cancers and/or autoimmune diseases brought them by their sponsor and β€œsociety” of the Rockefeller/Gates/Fauci Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex. . .

So… All the world is a stage, we are merely actors and I can lead them to true information but of course; I cannot force them learn or gain knowledge. . .

You made it all the way down to the bottom of this page detailing a lot truths that reveal a lot of lies about this realm and I have now come to the conclusion that prettty much everything I thought I knew about our realm is indeed a lie. A Grand Illusion.

What ELSE have they lied about beyond all their lies about germ theory, the true nature of disease and whether or not a new pandemic even exists beyond the MSM narrative?

What other TRUTH and enlightening knowledge can we learn about this realm?

Is it possible some of these other things might also be true?

All wars are banker’s bankers wars. VIDEO Β  ARTICLE

Our entire world is being subjected to geoengineering on a massive scale.

The deep state cabal is committing crimes against humanity in Ukraine (including production of bioweapon nanotechnology illegally labeled “vaccine”) and in many other parts of this realm that may now involve an international alliance determined to route out all the deep state criminals for trials and executions. Is entirely possible that deep state criminal agencies and agents will now be removed by force from many regions including Ukraine.

The entire Cosmological Principle is in crisis as more and more information continues to falsify the old theories to the point that a Journey to the Center of the Universe has been documented.

Then consider this: In order for globalists to maintain their control over the masses then the people must continue to believe this realm actually is a spherical globe but; can you personally verify what the true geometry of the earth actually is without relying on globalist, government approved narratives?

Have you ever tried to actually Test the Globe for yourself? πŸ€”

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