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This is a downloadable version of the “Doctors Database” flash drive that I often give to people that contains life saving information involving thousands of doctors, scientists, researchers and investigators including Books, Documents, Files, Images, Videos et cetera.


Doctor Andrew Kaufman (statements on virus isolation, virology fraud, PCR fraud and Koch’s postulates)
Doctor Bryon Ardis* (how the CDC protocol is killing patients and revelation of the true nature of covid symptoms)
Doctor David Martin (investigating the orchestration of bioweapon patents, privateers, pirates and mass murder)
Doctor Kary Mullis (Nobel prize inventor of PCR details PCR fraud and the Fauci AIDS-AZT scandal)
Doctor Mike Yeadon (former Pfizer VP about mRNA dangers, government mismanagement and toxic deployment)
Doctor Nathan Thompson (details lab test results showing failing immune systems in his vaccinated patients)
Doctor Thomas Levy (The Possible Benefits of Nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide on Respiratory Infections)
Doctor Reiner Fuellmich (international class action criminal lawsuit RE: the covid orchestra, privateers, pirates etc)
Doctor Robert Young (world-renowned published scientist, biochemist, nutritionist, and naturopathic practitioner)
Doctor Russel Blaylock (face mask dangers, informed consent law and the Great American Mask Ripoff)
Doctor Ryan Cole (Americas Frontline Doctors, public policy, spike protein dangers and vaxxed autopsy results)
Doctor Samantha Bailey (healer, educator and co-author of “Virus Mania” and germ theory versus terrain theory)
Doctor Stefan Lanka (scientifically and legally proved measles and other viruses do not exist and virology fraud)
Doctor Thomas Cowan (healer, educator and author of “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart” and “The Contagion Myth”)
Doctor Zev Zelenko (creator of very successful Zelenko protocol to treat the ‘covid’ syndrome of symptoms)
The Viral Delusion (the illusion of virus theory, real causes of disease, the pseudoscience of covid and PCR fraud.)
Other Doctors (self spreading ‘vaccines’, spike protein dangers, virology fraud, history of Rockefeller medicine, etc)
Alternative News Sources, Documents, Images and other Materials  (extensive)

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*Doctor Bryan Ardis Verifiable Messages-

1. The only FDA approved drug for ‘covid’ symptoms is Remdesivir which is known to be highly
toxic resulting in multi-organ failure including kidneys, liver & lungs.

2. Toxic peptides same as or similar to natural or mass produced synthetic venom have been
discovered and clinically studied in ‘covid’ patients and certified in peer reviewed documents.

3. Various agencies are testing hundreds of water treatment systems for the same peptide
toxins to predict when those regions will have a ‘covid’ outbreak.

4. ‘Covid’ symptoms (including fever, aches, nausea, fatigue, blurred vision, brain fog, ageusia,
anosmia, clotting issues, kidney failure and edema) are same as neurotoxic venom symptoms.

5. Doctors may confirm presence of natural or synthetic venom peptide toxins with
Enzyme-Linked Immuno-Assay (ELISA) testing for their patients with those symptoms.

6. Those patients are successfully healed with common venom antidotes including Bentonite,
Budesonide, Vitamin C, Corticosteroids, Copper, vitamin D, Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin,
Monoclonal Antibodies, Nicotine, Quercetin, and Zinc.

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