The Viral Delusion

The viral delusion is a recent and very revealing documentary mini series which does a really good job of revealing the true nature and scope of what is really going on with all the rampant virology fraud being perpetrated by the Rockefeller/Gates/Fauci pharmaceutical industrial complex cult of the medics and produced by Paradigm Shift Films where you can stream your own HD version of the series featuring: Andrew Kaufman, MD; Tom Cowan, MD; Stefan Lanka, Virologist; Torsten Engelbrecht, journalist; Claus Kohnlein, MD; Kevin Corbett, PhD RN; David Rasnick, Biochemist PhD; Mark Bailey, MD; Dawn Lester and David Parker, Authors; Stefan Scoglio, Biochemist PhD; Saeed Qureeshi, Chemist PhD; Celia Farber, Journalist; Harold Wallach, PhD; Pam Popper, PhD, ND; Charles Geshekter, PhD; Amanda Volmer ND, Jim West, Author; Larry Palevsky MD; and more.

Virology versus Toxicology. Imagine THAT!

Start thinking about ALL those OTHER possible causes for your “cold” or “influenza” systems.
IE: EMF illness or other toxins often manifest as: “flu-like symptoms“.

Want Covid to end not become an endless Virus Mania? See: The End Of Covid

Just keep repeating this mantra:

Correlation is not proof of Causation.” 😎


Episode 1 – The Tragic Pseudoscience of SARS-CoV-2

Episode 2 – Monkey Business: Polio, Measles And How It All Began

Episode 3 – The Mask of Death – The Plague, Smallpox and The Spanish Flu

Episode 4 – AIDS, The Deadly Deception

Episode 5 – Sequencing The Virus, Without The Virus

Another related and very informative recent documentary is: TERRAIN

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The 1918 Pandemic was CAUSED by a Vaccine. Absolute Bombshell . . .

And of course: Pleomorphism in Human Body

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So; in the context that chemist (not biologist) Louis Pasteur’s germ and vaccine theories are just a load of pseudoscience BS and he was well known for plagiarism and fraud and the alleged new virus has never been properly isolated and purified and there is no physical isolated and purified sample of any corona virus in any lab available for examination beyond mathematical computer models (based on assumptions) (see: REWARD) then; what toxin may have contaminated the patient’s terrain resulting in “covid” symptoms?

It appears that Dr. Bryan Ardis has plenty of evidence for what is actually causing people to get so sick-

Dr. Bryan Ardis – The Covid Lie Exposed
For even more details about this bombshell revelation see: Part 0ne Part Two and Part Three of the health ranger extended interview. And of course; the new documentary film: COVENOM Low resolution copy: CoVenom

The Dogma and History of Vaccination. Questioning “Germ Theory” is a Taboo

Marvin vs Virology: COVID Taken To Court

Other Videos-


A FAREWELL TO VIROLOGY (PT 1): Dr Mark Bailey / Steve Falconer

A FAREWELL TO VIROLOGY (PT 2): Dr Mark Bailey / Steve Falconer

Runaway Virology – Marvin Wins In Court

Virology For Developing Countries…and Virus Fanatics

The Origins of COVID-19

Project Veritas and the “Virus”

Why Nobody “Had, Caught or Got” COVID-19

Bioweapons BS
Toxins? Yes. Viruses? No.
If it was possible to weaponize a virus then; the human race would already be extinct by now. . .

Baileys & Cowan Respond to Kevin McKernan about the lack of evidence for SARS-CoV-2 and pathogenic viruses.

Virologie Nights

‘Good Morning CHD’ Episode 136: The Viral Delusion With Mary Holland, David Rasnick + Mike Wallach

Secrets of Virology – “Control” Experiments

“Viruses” – Baileys, Cowan & Kaufman Respond To Del Bigtree
Video Source

Science, Pseudoscience, and The Germ Theory of Disease – Dr. Jordan Grant (2022 Conference)

Monkeypox Mania: Debunking the Monkeybusiness of Virology

Addressing the Claims of Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Robert Malone, and Dr. Peter McCullough

HF4H: Virology’s Unproven Assumptions by Alec Zeck, Jordan Grant MD, Jacob Diaz, John Blaid, & Mike Donio

The Final Refutation of Virology by Kate Sugak

What Do You Mean “Viruses Don’t Exist”? by Alec Zeck

Dr. Kaufman responds to Jeremy Hammond: Is Virus Isolation Real

HF4H: What Really Makes You Ill? Part 1 w/ Dawn Lester & David Parker

HF4H: What Really Makes You Ill? Part 2 w/ Dawn Lester & David Parker

HF4H: Diving Deep on Terrain Theory with Dr. Tom Cowan and Dr. Andy Kaufman

Stefan Lanka control experiment phase 1

Stefan Lanka control experiment phase 2

Dr. Andrew Kaufman on The Way Forward: Germs, Disease, and the Science

Why the “Virus” Pandemic is a Farce featuring Dr. Cowan and Dr. Kaufman

HF4H: Dr. Tom Cowan, author of the Contagion Myth

HF4H: Dr. Robert O Young

HF4H: Veda Austin

HF4H: Veda Austin part 2

Dr. Kaufman refutes Coronavirus Existence

Spacebusters: Virology Fraud in 19 Minutes

Amandha Vollmer breaks down virus Myth

Spacebusters: Coronavirus Debunked


Virus Mania by Torsten Englebrecht, Dr. Claus Köhnlein, Dr. Sam Bailey

The Contagion Myth by Dr. Tom Cowan and Sally Fallon-Morell

Breaking the Spell by Dr. Tom Cowan

What Really Makes You Ill? By Dawn Lester and David Parker

The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg

Goodbye Germ Theory by Dr William P Trebing

Bechamp vs. Pasteur by Ethel D Hume

Dissolving Illusions by Suzanne Humphries MD and Roman Bystrianyk