Propaganda Exposed & Detox

The following is a documentary series “Propaganda Exposed” released in November 2022 by the same production company that produced the previous series: “The Truth About Cancer” These are all public release Standard Definition videos. I do recomend going to the producer website for the High Definition productions as well as LOTS of other VERY beneficial products including the Truth about Cancer documentaries.

COVID UPDATE: What is the truth?
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Want Covid to end not become an endless Virus Mania? See: The End Of Covid

When our own government agencies and agents are colluding with various private corporations (such as twitter, facebook and youtube) to actively censor us then; that is clearly a blatant high crime Treason against the Constitutions.

It becomes especially heinous when the government collusion results in millions dead because life saving information is being censored on an industrial scale…

The mere words of well credentialed doctors, scientists, researchers and real journalists trying to warn people does not kill people.

Dangerous and highly toxic products massively pushed as being “safe & effective” is what kills millions of people.

Charlene Bollinger – [DS] Colluded With Corporations To Censor The People

Propaganda Exposed-

Episode 1 – Question EverythingA Primer on Pervasive Propaganda From the Founding Fathers to Flexner to Fauci

Episode 2 – Some Wars Aren’t Meant to be WonCancer & Cannabis | Germ Hunters | Medical Experiments PCR * HIV * AIDS * AZT * CIA * HELA * SV40 * 9/11

Episode 3 – Weaponizing Fear and Mandating ComplianceVaccine Adverse Events & CDC Coverups Practitioner Persecution * Intellectual Idiocy * Political Poppycock

Episode 4 – Eugenics and Medical Apartheid – Race-Specific “Top Secret” Vaccines Man-made Viruses & Putting Profits over People

Episode 5 – Big Pharma-Cide – Government Coercion & CDC Fraud Pfizer Prevarications & Natural Immunity

Episode 6 – Forced Medicine & The Banking Cartel – The Federal Reserve | Fluoride Facts | Scientific Fraud Collectivism * Covid Bigotry * Vaccine Prejudice

Episode 7 – Modern Day Robber BaronsCancer-Causing Vaccines & Depopulation GMO * Genocide * Geoengineering * Vaccine Holocaust

Episode 8 – Defeating Deceit & Triumphing over Tyranny – The Great Reset * Global Surveillance * Track & Trace

Episode 9 – Crushing Censorship, Collusion & Conspiracy – WHO IS SHAKING THE JAR? PATRIOTS THIS IS OUR 1776! * SPOILER ALERT: WE WIN!

Round Table Discussions-

Propaganda EXPOSED! Round table – Part 1

Propaganda EXPOSED! Round table – Part 2

Health and Healing BONUS: The Truth About Detoxification-

Volume 1 – The History of Disease, Detoxing the Colon, Eliminating Parasites and Cleansing the Blood

Volume 2 – Cleansing the Liver, Kidneys and Skin & Detoxing with “Defensive Eating”

Volume 3 – Detoxing the Lungs and the Lymphatic System & Protecting from Hidden Hazards

Uncut Expert Interviews-

Cherie Calbom – The Juice Lady, TV chef, and celebrity nutritionist, she has helped in pioneering the fresh juice movement around the world.

Dr. Bryce Wylde – Alternative medicine expert, clinician, television host, educator, author, and philanthropist.

Dr. Buttar – Practitioner, Researcher, Best-Selling Author & International Lecturer.

Dr. Daniel Nuzum – Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine, Medical Acupuncturist and Nutritional Supplement Formulator.

Dr. Darrell Wolfe – Best-selling Author, Speaker, Herbalist, and Health Educator.

Dr. Group – Author, Lecturer, Formulator & Founder and CEO of Global Healing Center.

Dr. Judy Seeger – Detox and Cleanse Specialist.

Dr. Robert Scott Bell – Author, Lecturer & Syndicated Host of the “Robert Scott Bell Show”

Mike Adams – Founder of, Food Scientist, Author & Lecturer.

Sayer Ji – Author, Lecturer, National Health Federation Advisory Board